Beaudesert’s Thai Restaurateurs on haunches fanning dew-laden fire.

July 2, 2017

A little bit of Thailand’s cafe culture, in Beaudesert smoking open garbage. A practice run at home.

One block from Beaudesert CBD.

Both images taken by hand-held Nikon Coolpix.

Where the hell is Jim Pearson?

July 1, 2017

If the Courier Mail said it..!

July 1, 2017

The goings-on at Q.H.C. 220-226 Brisbane St. Beaudesert.

June 13, 2017

The good life, as I conceive it, is a happy life. I do not mean that if you are good you will be happy – I mean that if you are happy you will be good.”

The car eased into the parking area where Lorna and I were exchanging pleasantries after having checked our respective mail boxes. The driver was an amiable fellow of some forty years, his companion, the demeanor of a chronic hemorrhoid sufferer and a lifetime rehearsing; a pouting, sullen lower lip, fashioned to trip over.

Was he a failed dramatic actor; an embittered artist in the Hitler arch-megalomaniac mould? A studied straight ahead look to avoid eye contact completed the instant character summation. Here is one tubby and very petulant, unhappy drama queen who won’t clear his rear compaction until he finds a new way of shafting an opponent.

And another bombastic bastard; as if this variety wasn’t over represented already. Contrasting vividly with his passenger was his young driver/companion who could have been Pettum’s parole officer, an amiable and polite fellow, he sought the location of the flat they had come to check out.

Laurance Pettums moved in within days and was quickly self-promoted to king of the kids. The accidental or default congregating point back then was the precinct’s picnic shed where Garry the rat had made a habit of swigging stubbies as he read large-type cowboy books, delivered to him by a system that encourages bludgers to sit on their arses while volunteers ran after them.

After some months, I hesitantly joined Garry in disjointed and limited conversations. The ever-present stale nicotine stench surrounding him along with an untreated dandruff-like condition made an up-wind, two metre gap the nearest one could wisely partake in a congress of sorts.

The word cretin didn’t adequately describe Garry, so the gods pooled their thoughts and came up with gomeral. And how apt! Have a close look at the gaping mouth of sideshow alley’s wooden clown and there you see Garry, a rather improved Garry in fact. The animated carnival creation, in its quest to thwart entry of the ping-pong balls is not overwhelmed by untreated and uncontrolled psoriasis and scalp disorders.

Talk sense to a fool and he will call you foolish.

Garry doesn’t win any kudos for his eloquence which is as vacuous as his wit, so irrespective of wind movements, my visits were usually brief. What he is very good at, however, is accepting handouts without any semblance of gratitude lasting beyond the day. One has the impression of him awakening one morning and seeing a new apparatus nearby, its arrival and its purpose as being absolutely lost to him.

A considerate interior painter struck by the scarcity of furnishings in his flat, gave him a disc player but he was having some trouble operating it. I could hear a whirring as I neared it and found a rut worn almost through the disc. Six or so months of unusual noise from a recently introduced object was not enough to arouse his curiosity.

Never the less, he seemed, in time, to have become acquainted with DVDs, so I entrusted him with the first two seasons of The Sopranos. Mint t.v. and mint DVD’s with mint prices. A week or so later, not been offered any comment or thoughts on the programme, said he had already watched it on tv. “Didn’t you find that when it was run on telly you missed a word here and there, a line….passing traffic drowning bits and pieces”? I asked. No problems, he assured me, always caught the dialogue. Well, why should I doubt what I’m told?

Super trusting, naive Lesso handed over the next two seasons of the series before getting the first two back. A few weeks passed and nary a word. I pressed their return and found tobacco in the plastic container, along with ash, greasy finger marks over the entire surfaces, where one would expect the average careless person to leave marks on the rim only. One disc was decorated by a great smear of dried snot which once had very evidently been very wet.

The introductory, or companion booklet filthy and squashed, permanently marked when forcibly placed between the plastic hinges. I rejected a hefty quote for a professional cleaning job, and risked contamination by doing the job myself. The idiot would not accept knowledge of the vandalism.

I began to lose my penchant for helping out those I perceived as doing it tough and saw merit in Wilde’s reproving,“ No good deed should go unpunished.” Adding to this fellows’ dimness was his playing of only the first episode on each disc, having no idea that three more episodes followed.

For the previous year or so, I had fetched his grog and doing small messages. His mate with a lower limb problem and a beat-up bomb would fetch his stubbies and charge him a six pack for the effort, and then help him finish the carton. For the sake of economy and an unjust charge from a best mate, I convinced him to quit buying the expensive glass stubbies and consider the 30 can carton. I wouldn’t sit back and knock off half his grog either

A traveling $2 an item used clothing show was at the show-grounds and I offered Garry a lift with an update of his attire in mind. He felt it necessary to offer directions to a 35 year long Beaudesert resident whose partner had shown horses at these very grounds, was surprised that I knew of the show-ground. Here was yet another controlling zombie and I always thought they were the province of movie script writers.

At about this time, the aforementioned was lamenting his failure to get a dreadfully unkempt and well matured woman into the cot. He let on to me, while loaded with truth syrup, that a little peccadillo of his indulgence was to implant a tooth-brush handle up the anus and wank to prostrate pleasure and preferred his onanism while standing. My comment at this revelation was of admiration for his physical endurance while I wondered if my supine preference for the missionary position, sans toothbrush, had anything to do with my innate laziness.

This pastime was his harmless pleasure as it were, and was of no concern or consequence to me or to anyone else, and the admission told in drunken confidence, had no impact on my worn-out sensitivities. It didn’t occur to me for a nanosecond, to demean the fellow by blabbing his secret delights to the countryside, nor did I, “recoil in horror.” Of concern though, was his post orgasmic brush extraction movements, where I truly hoped he was fastidious enough to engage hygiene applications. This is why I regard myself as a reasonably lucky and contented chap by never having shared repast from this place.

“Every man is like the company he is wont to keep.”

However unpleasant this fellows company, his physical presence was much preferred to that of the three Machiavellian principals who I must introduce for their pivotal roles.

Larry Pettums wasted little time taking over the podium, and having secured the limited audience with tales of undercover police work in the “States,” quickly segued to his most worked-on subject; his sexual frequency and up-standing potency. This was one unabashed and serious ego-tripper, eventually revealed as an intimidating moron who had lived his life as such and gave no sign of self-doubt, even in spite of a stupid countenance of six decades duration. I walked from this boor when his imagination had the excessive sexual demands of Mexican women depleting his body to the extent of needing blood transfusions to recover.

It wasn’t at all flattering to be included in that target audience, in fact I found that status quite offensive, but that is the way of un-recognised genius. You wouldn’t feed his nonsense talk to an average I.Q. youth, let alone a time-worn septuagenarian. Next day, Larry used Gerry as courier to convey to me a scrap of paper on which was written researched information about his previous days affectations. I discarded it without consideration, appalled at the thought of any type of relationship with this repulsive thug. If a man sends a runner to convey a message to the recipient he lives besides, it is too much like Mum telling son to give Dad a reply when all three are seated at the same table.

“Their are no benefits in the gifts of bad men.”

I carried out a minor repair on my pine kitchen chair on the veranda using an electric drill. Next morning Larry was circulating about the place with his drill, desperately seeking to ingratiate himself with his fellow tenants by declaring he was the newly endorsed maintenance man. Homer Simpson aficionados would remember an emotionally rejected Homer hand-standing in the back-ground commanding, “ Mummy, mummy. Look at me, Mummy. Anyone, please look at me”. A wonderfully apt sketch written for the over-represented inbred Laurance Pettums of this planet.

Rejected egotists refuse to be ignored and will irk a reluctant target with their persistence. Like me, Laurance occupies the westernmost unit; he the third building, and I the middle. Like all other tenants, he parks as close to his entrance steps as possible, and when a rare rain fall makes unofficial tracks too slippery for door-step parking, he parks beside the easternmost flat of his block near the highway, and that becomes his default parking spot where he stays, even in fine weather. This ignorance quite understandably, annoys the affected resident who will not upbraid him, feeling discreetness with bullies the preferred option.

Other residents are the object of this intimidation by dint of Larry’s delight in playing his very audible car burglar system far longer than is needed to open a door. Once only, at the start of the day seems very reasonable which one might expect in a safe non-threatening daytime area, but often throughout the day is calculated stupidity. He gets his jollies, it seems, by going to his locked and alarmed car as often as possible.

Laurance Pettums shares a motor-cycle with a man friend who could be absent for days. When in his care, scarcely a day passes without the petrol tank coming off, tools clanging, irritating grinding and extended revving-up all adding to his Ginger Meggs annoyances.. These noisy ‘modifications’ are done to the south of his flat, near my bedroom. On his north side, there is nothing but unoccupied, shady park land where noisy vehicle repairs would pass largely unnoticed and irritate no-one.

“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.”

When Pettums had a collapsed garden shed dropped off, I asked the council to have him relocate its erection to his north and away from my bedroom. That task was too big an ask of a corrupt council and they were unable to accommodate my request. I also faxed a list of noise issues relating to Pettums, to Qld Housing, but would you believe it, noise complaints on that day, or specifically, noise complaints from me were not within their area of interest.

Once again, it seems, the joke is on me and this patron saint of stupid is in fact, an unabashed fifth columnist paid-up rat of the Queensland State Department of Housing, and certainly on their payroll. How many innocent trusting lives has this low creep shafted and ruined to satisfy an unfounded belief in his own superiority?

Any ignored or rejected little attention seeker will see opportunities to annoy the adults. One of these chances fell into Larry’s lap when an evening down-pour swept recently deposited bark topping along a 15 metre stretch of concrete path. Very early next morning, the suddenly caring Laurance pulled out his civic cap and be seen as a concerned and involved neighbour. Using an abundance of spade scrapes to alert the neighbourhood of his grandiosity, also by pure chance my bedroom was beside his area of activity. The spread was sparse enough to be removed with a few sweeps of a broom, but the attraction of metal against concrete proved too irresistible a mischief for our neighbourly Pettums.

Next door to this self-absorbed creature lives a woman well into her eighth decade. During the neighbour instigated strife I was having shortly after my introduction to this place, she understood my predicament, she told me, but couldn’t possibly come to my defence because the Shwarten’s Housing Department had recently threatened her with eviction if she and her then neighbour kept up their nit-picking. With that rod over her she was quite understandably intimidated. To search for new digs and be relocated at a very old age would have been a daunting task but would satisfy the whims of biased and immature public servants.

IGNORANCE and superstition, mortally afraid etc

The third tenant is a typecast life-long public-housing resident who lives under the auspices and direction of the Housing Dept. Such a dependent and diffident person as she, is won’t say “boo” for fear lurking Housing spies will come down on her for speaking out and so suffer the same intimidation as the octogenarian. She would shaft an outsider and help tar and feather him, than live in fear of losing the approval of the bullying majority, whether fellow tenant or Housing official.

One could expect her feeling justified in believing the worst of someone she didn’t feel comfortable with, and like Gerry and 90% of the population, expressing independent thought would be on par with understanding the extent of the universe.

Her demanding questioning of me of an elderly residents’ welfare who I aid in positive ways rankled me somewhat when I know of her own zero response. I don’t aid people in expectation of winning a good citizens award at Christmas. In short, I don’t feel obliged to explain my deeds to a meddling interloper. She is a rather inglorious and distant woman.

“Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”

The bible-banger, fourth and last resident of this block, is not without her hang-ups. A grateful resident and disciple of both Jesus and the Department for 24 years she boasts, and gushes adulation for the wonderful altruistic Housing luvvies who care so much for her welfare. Is used mainly by a Bejusus thunder cult, but can be easily manipulated by a purpose-driven exploiter. A snapping, ankle biting little Pekingese, she lets the newly censored know she can retaliate if stirred. Even after seven years, her shrilling still has me glancing out of the window at its start, expecting to see a rolling on the ground, hair-pulling, blood-letting cat fight. But no, it is her demonstrative way of greeting a favoured home-coming tenant.

This woman was observing me and my helper unload on move-in day. By way of introducing her to my droll wit, I invited her to a phantom party that night and was rewarded with a tirade of screams and threats of police and Housing Dept. intervention and hell-fire too, I expect. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Godfather and the divine one also got a mention. She was not amused. She’s not an ogress either and keeps her own counsel, seemingly divorced from the nasty politics of the place. I don’t think there is a truly corrupt bone in her naïve, diminutive body. Her loud shrilling at rare conversation attempts is a sign of other issues. Her trait of averting her head as she walks by my flat intrigues me. I suspect it is a precaution against morphing into salt if accidentally catching sight of an anti-Christ.

She did let her guard down recently when she conceded that doing a daily crossword or two, as recommended by those who do mind games might sharpen and support the brain. I interfered in her routine by photo-copying the next days’ crosswords from the newspaper and explained how I could do this daily and leave them in an easily accessible spot where she could pick them up at her leisure. The puzzles remained untouched in their spot for a fortnight. I asked if there had been some misunderstanding and got bawled out for trying to hurry her, because she had yet to start the hand delivered first puzzle.

I do rather suspect her parson master, from whom she would have most assuredly sought permission to accept such largesse from a non-believer, put the kibosh on my offer by reminding her of the reception I delivered him on his fourth attempt at seeking an audience with me.

He who sups with the devil should use a long spoon.”

Relatives! Who’d have them?

June 12, 2017

This is an unpublished post, a musing on finding the traitorous youngest sibling naïve and unaware of events as a result of spending her adult life as a naval pot-walloper.

The mother of Medusa loaded more unwanted trash onto me by way of photographs of her daughter’s second set of nuptials. The clear sparkling night lights of the river cruise reception couldn’t dislodge the unpleasant sense of turpitude that surrounded this most pedestrian of brides. I’m sure that even the acclaimed photographic skills of Cecil Beaton would have been extended in tarting-up the malevolent countenance of this daughter of a blood relative. Fearing a second glimpse of any of these shots could arouse the petrification god, I abandoned them on the kitchen table. A friend saw the images,”Gee, I don’t know about that one, love,” offered a frowning Tim recoiling from the visage, a harsh judgment from one usually too polite and discreet to offer personal opinions.

Within weeks of the travesty, the hapless groom eluded the Gorgon and eloped with paramour-in-waiting. The former serviceman had regained a semblance of self-respect and attributed his discriminatory error to delayed shock after witnessing decapitated Rwandan heads being kicked around in an impromptu football game by the victors. In time he’ll understand the futility of excuses and just enjoy the day. The pair had started banging at primary school so a decade on, via the curse of familiarity, he wanted out.

Normal young men automatically follow instinct and bed anything that moves, with whom a moot point and always more than ready for a bit of fresh, in any case. Boss-bitch’s insistence won the day of course and a marriage was announced, but his body wasn’t meant to be her toy. Wiser men have made observations about premarital sex and marriage and pouring sand on a well oiled machine and so forth. I understand the lovers share an affinity to this day.

Queensland’s Labor Governments. As indifferent to the people as the LNP.

June 11, 2017

Am not sure if this old post was used, but might do good to lift the lid, just a wee bit mind you, on the goings-on of Queensland’s Labor Governments. Have updated a point or two:

Was tuning into “Two And A Half,” when I got the last bit of ACA Thursday’s promotion on Housing Commission; their tactics or their attitude unsure of the point of the story, or missed relevant details. About the only visuals I got was of tenants hurling abuse. My experiences as a first time, but now of seven-year duration tenant, living in a three building, 12 tenant precinct, supposedly reserved for the over 55’s is now six years behind me. I stayed because I have had a life, am obstinate, but would have quickly sought decent accommodation had I been younger, in trying to avoid Labor’s unhealthy, poison generated, Housing environments.

I have never phoned Qld H.C. so am not a pest in that respect, but I know they lap-up and enjoy, “he said, she said” hate talk. Have sent a couple of faxes, won’t snivel and grovel to biased staff whose minds are set. They can’t see beyond their fifth column network.

I wrote the Premier’s Dept. after a trade foreman invited me to,”Shut up, you fucking poofter,” after I asked him to tone down his skylarking teenage employees. I had quoted verbatim to a female HC rental person (Silly Filly)

the foreman’s response, who turned on me like a snapping Taipan, then made official complaint my ‘swearing.’

Schwarten’s office was more concerned about the protocol of addressing a Minister, with the advisement future complaints about H.C. staff be addressed to that Department.

I began criticizing the Housing Commission and the Government via my site which had a purpose as a chronicler of H.C. improbity. Threw in a few private experiences in a forlorn attempt at proving my human status. Ping-backs show a wee bit of QBuild interest. People like me have to carefully weigh their words because public service paranoia fear the truth, and are well-practiced in destroying dissenters.

The next door, upwind tenant, bashed on his fly door and railing before first light at the caw of a crow. When questioned this noisy habit, he retaliated by chroming me at evening with air-freshener. Relations thinned. A senior HC rent woman dismissed my complaint, reasoning that Ryan’s longer tenancy made me the protagonist and he the hurt party.

Other grievances cropped up, mainly spent cigarette smoke making life miserable. “Just get out,” was the advice from a ps sniveler, Obrien, when I requested a flat far removed from second-hand cigarette smoke.

The CM used many of my cyber posts, but blackballed me when spent cigarette smoke and Housing were mentioned in the one paragraph. QBuild engaged in questionable maintenance practices and fellow tenants were advised by Woodridge Housing rental staff to give me a taste of Coventry.

Les Johns.

“How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate, they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to.” — George Orwell, 1984

Whisky-A-Go Go and a subpoena.

June 4, 2017

The subject’s gone full circle so I toss my small effort into the pot.

I and a few newspaper mates were called upon to view the defendant and then decide if we had seen him on the night in question. We were taken separately to view a prison-bashed Stuart, securely strapped to a bed in the RBH mental ward for really bad crooks. His one glaring eye with it’s message of unabashed hate and rage would have done Robert Newton proud.

We were taken back to the old Supreme Court to give our evidence.

One block from Greater Beaudesert, the pulmonary battle on.

May 28, 2017

Thai Restaurateurs wait for heavy dew before lighting illegal backyard fires.
Engine cleaning is given the nod one block from Beaudesert Central.

Incident in Beaudesert.

March 17, 2017

A couple of weeks ago in the pre-rush a.m, I had occasion to be downtown in Greater Beaudesert where the proverbial cannon could be fired without hurting a soul. The early opening newsagency beckoned and with only one car out front, there was easy parking.

The mirror showed three cyclists in the ‘right turn only’ lane as I prepared to alight. The lead cyclist made a sharp swoop towards me as I stepped out. “The door, the door, the door,” the rider, with emblazoned club shirt screamed,” as he returned to the right turn lane and turned into Bromelton Road.

Evidently the classic do-gooder, do as I say, looking to fault anyone handy, reprimanding we presumed thoughtless drivers. This items’ forefathers would have prided themselves and felt justified when their kangaroo courts arbitrarily stretched the necks of innocents whose profile differed from theirs.

Retailer Pharmacists. As Ill-principled as the Medical Industry.

March 16, 2017

I presented early at Soul Pattinson, Beaudesert, first thing in fact, as the polite junior girl took the first of many mobile display units jamming the aisles to their places outside the shop.

“Can I help you,” proffered the senior shop assistant, as I neared the counter clutching my only reason for visiting such an establishment, a script needing filling.

“It’s the last repeat,” stressing the point, getting the jack of being told what I’m well aware of.

I sat down.

“Have you been here before,” she demanded, “I have that,” was my honest reply, surprised at the question, considering a few weeks before she had needlessly apologized for the short, normal wait.

“I’m not so important as to expect instant attention,” I had told her.

“Oh, but you are very important to us,” came the palavered reply

Minutes later the product had been taken from the shelf, re-stamped with my details, placed in a small tray and passed to the senior woman.

“That was the last repeat,” she echoed my words of a few minutes earlier.

“Am I so retarded that I’ve forgotten what I told you”?

“I’ve got to tell you that,” the comeback.

The previous visit I had had an amiable conversation with one of the proprietors about chemists’ penchant for claiming scripts as their property by wrapping them in their branded advertising and stapling together.

About that time, in the few metres between Woolworths and their shop, I had lost a gold ring and despite the futility of recovering such an item, had returned to the shop with my predicament. In other words, intelligent people would have remembered my presence.

Cash grabbing chemists look upon oldies as an assured and constant money source and like the rest of society, would prefer dealing with contrite, obedient non-thinking slabs of old meat.

Queensland Labor prefers dumbned-down followers who can’t think.

February 5, 2017

Qld Labor can’t think.

Buchholz gives “initial” $M3.5 to exclusive school.

Qld Labor;Liberal Lapdogs.

Australians can’t think…dumbed-down.


In the years preceding the 2007 Federal Labor walkover, Brett Raguse stood for anything that enhanced public awareness of his entity. At that time I was querying Qld Labor’s apparent disinterest in it’s own fate and wondered if a PR machine existed to defend the Party.

Labor had an information tent on market days at Beaudesert’s Dick Westerman Park, and I began chatting with its resident luminaries. The elected Ruguse was consolidating his image when I put to him the aggravating nature of a Viet vet, a dangerous psycho named Garvey who had been homeless forty years, now a neighbouring tenant whose “in your face” cigarette habit was playing havoc with my respiratory system.

A few days later, Raguse made headlines with the politicians favourite standby of defending Viet Vets who, “fought and gave their lives for our democracy,” denouncing those so intolerant as to find fault in trivial matters. To reinforce his defence of returned junkie Vets, he would join servicemen’s unions to better fight THEIR fight.

The under quote comes from an old piece I did at that time on how touchy can Labor be simply because of the limits of their own vision. And my question to the tent follower, Jason Whitlock that so convulsed him went like: “Every day The Courier Mail has at least four anti-Labor stories that are left to run their course and germinate, but are never denied or questioned. Why not”?

Keeping in mind that anti-Liberal sentiment lasted only one term and Liberal Bert van Manen regained for the Libs. The measure of the man is shown by Raguse’s career choice. You need to be morally bankrupt and essentially a con-man/people-hater to be in real estate, a choice that is greed driven and tailor-made for the Liberal mindset.

“Now while I had become acquainted with this lot by mutual, initially Labor-favoured  small talk well before Raguse made his seat runs, my comment so startled the boy Jason Whitlock, a minor apparatchik, that he produced an apparently ever-ready camera and asked me to pose with his lady-friend for a “matey shot.”

I did so without qualm, having  nothing to fear or hide, but the Labor Party had uncovered a dissident, and I was about to get a taste of their infamous mind games. Once an avid Labor voter, I seek now to support the candidate most likely to damage Queensland Labor Thugs.”

Queensland Labor like followers with an 80 IQ baseline.

February 5, 2017

This became, “Queensland Labor prefer dumbned-down followers who can’t think.”

An oldie scares the devil out of Beaudesert woman.

January 27, 2017


Was using Coles self checkout recently at a busy time when a clean-cut, middle-aged woman, of apparently normal mien was hesitant about squeezing her way to the only vacant machine, the other side of me. Took a few seconds off processing my stuff and rearranged my trolley allowing her access.

She looked at me in absolute horror and backed off,” I’m so terribly sorry,” she stammered.

“Why should you be sorry”? I asked. I hadn’t been abrupt or yanked the trolley in anger.

She repeated her apology. Quasimodo reputedly had a kind and gentle nature yet invariably got a bad press.

Transaction complete, went on my way, wondering if the woman hadn’t had a prescience flash.

It’s Australia’s “Bollock’s Day.” Cause a road crash and win praise. (But only if you’re in your twenties)

January 26, 2017


Under this is a cutout of a road death story taken from Beaudesert Times of August 3, last. Points of interest or contention are circled and come from the biased mind of a junior bush journalist, possibly in a tizz defending his alma mater, Beaudesert High School.

"Horror Crash" 3/08/2016 Points Stressed.

The dead driver was on his way to suburban Bromelton where he was paid per load to deliver road metals. An inattentive 23 yo male in a black car, the least road-safe color, was  evidently otherwise occupied when his car “crossed to the wrong side of the road” and caused a head-on collision.

It was pure luck the innocent driver survived, but the inconvenience he suffered would have been intolerable. No sympathy was afforded this man in the Beaudesert Times story but is it not historic that the ” lovable larrikn” is an Australian thug whose romantic image mustn’t be tarnished.

At age 23, the killer driver would have been at least five years out of high school and in reality, well and truly out of the school system. The Administrators would have had to search old records to get a fix on this dead, self-important drongo, simply to appease the low esteem of professional mourners.

H.S. Principal’s ill-considered, immature comments were moulded to console the cretin in his midst, “.. still very raw, etc. ” If this verbal nonsense was genuine, from the heart out-pourings, it is a poor reflection on our society and helps to explain the ‘nanny-state’ conditioning of minds of all ages and must have a good deal of bearing on why a complacent community allows present Australian government stasi agents, smell and inspect their bed-sheets for skid marks.

I take particular offence to the story’s end-note where an immature, unformed writer confused “victim” with “perpetrator.” A kind fate consigned this nasty bit of work to Hades before he had the chance to maim and kill and inflict sorrow and despair.


Toxic industry and backyard burning. It’s what happens in @LiberalAus Beaudesert.

January 9, 2017

One block from Beaudesert CBD.

One block from Beaudesert CBD.

Irresponsible Beaudesert neighbours. Hallmarks of a typical @LiberalAus

Irresponsible Beaudesert neighbours. Hallmarks of a typical @LiberalAus

Truck washing;engine cleaning, view from back door.

Smouldering fire; toxic chemicals.

Five Level Camp Cupboard, My Discovery Of Year: Specialised Power Equipment.

January 4, 2017

Camping has moved on quite a bit since partner and self made do with the protection from the elements that a tarp offered to those dossing down in the back of the ute.

Camping in Ute, winter.

A few months ago, a catalogue issued by Specialised Power Equipment of 140 Brisbane Street, opposite Toyoto, featured among many other products, a five shelf collapsible camp cupboard, price $65 while on sale, then $90.

5 Shelf camp cupboard.

Five Shelf camp cupboard.

At 140 cm or 55 inches, it’s quite ample for my simple needs, in this case, to store linen, my days of expensive furnishings well and truly in the past. The luckless Beaudesert renter who has no option but to rent an unscreened residence would find this product great for its purpose of protecting their foodstuffs and crockery/cutlery from fly and cockroach contamination.

Camp Cupboards (Catalogue)

Camp Cupboards (Catalogue)

Specialised Power would no doubt, carry mosquito nets, an item that should be history in the modern home but unscrupulous owners are allowed by the Queensland Labor Government to rent out unprotected premises to families. The product pictured under was obtained elsewhere for about $30.

Circular Style Mosquito Net.

Circular Style Mosquito Net.

Coles Beaudesert self checkout is an escape from Woolworth’s beggars.

November 4, 2016

“Enter The Big Pumpkin.”

Although shopping is more expensive at Coles, I’ll use them before Beaudesert Woolworths simply to dodge the front of shop professional beggars and being implored by Woolworths checkout staff to make another donation on exit.
If a ‘best thing about’ tag could be applied to shopping at Beaudesert Coles, it would have to be their self-checkout where, by definition, Woolworths checkout staff are unable to pester customers on exit to “make a $2 donation”.
To enter Woolworths via one of their two entrances, the shopper must run a gauntlet of beggars, usually gentle and pleasant do-gooders, but with the noticeable exception of an aged, unkempt loudmouth item of filth who persists with rude personal comments long after one has passed. Named Keith, “I am known as Father Christmas and everyone loves me.” he replied when I asked him to stop heckling me. “Beaudesert’s Malevolent Thug..”
The next best thing about using Coles is related to the ‘best thing’ in that no collectors of any persuasion are permitted to set up shop to harass clients. Nearest they had, a couple of months ago, in the car park, was a team of bimbos who would spray a section of your motor vehicle and buff if pretty while very nearly doing a lap dance to induce a sale of their product.
After twenty or so minutes, I managed to persuade the one working on me that such tactics are amusing but wasted on this tightwad old prick, did she piss off having found an urgent task to attend.

Coles: BT, Sept 28, 2016

Coles: BT, Sept 28, 2016

Coles, overtaken with altruism and a desire to be seen as generous benefactors and to distance themselves from the insidious effect of their poker machines, got involved with this facade of bullshit care as depicted in the Beaudesert Times story. Designed entirely for publicity purposes, thinly veiled, good enough to deceive the yokels while Coles/Woolworths poker machines strip millions of dollars from the low paid gullible.

2011 Census came with a sheet sniffer.Queensland’s Disdain For The Recognition Of Human Rights.Reprinted from Sept. 2011.

August 24, 2016

A man’s ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties and needs; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death. Albert Einstein

I dared not ask why, or even delve into the computer for answers, my old age a constant reminder of my stupidity and non-person status, the subject, incidentally on which I was working, with the confidence of having made a reasonably good fist of apologizing for my idiocy and ignorance and for my very existence. Researching beyond three Google pages is a tiring task, a tardiness that has allowed devious, immoral Queensland Housing gorgons, one of whom, Charmane Schoutens tried to have me evicted for defending myself against attack by a favored tenant. She and the ultimate hate-merchant and practitioner, Kimberley Hillhouse, long ago relinquished any right to manners by me, their fair treatment never offered the writer. I was rather taken aback on learning I was supposed to be contrite in the presence of this ill-mannered crap; that he, the nice QBuild representative was not to be feared, that Housing were the heavies.

Stasi area chief Paul Gladmann, using annual premise inspection as a pretext to do inspections of another sort, was taken aback that an obvious retard should ask him to formally identify himself, but the assumption by biased Housing “officials”that a classic I am a lolling-headed helpless dolt was shitting me. has left me with no alternative. Previous annual ‘inspection’ visit by piranha, Celeste Turner on Nov 25 2009 found her on the defensive and confrontational, most unexpected, having never before met her. Her behavior apparently, a result of colleagues feeding a scattery head.

Guileless, or gut-less perhaps frightened little messenger, Terry O’brien, yes-boy of the gorgons will never be good enough to sniff my back hole, but will be recorded while trying to do so.

Bligh continues to have Murdoch’s editorial support it seems. Had another letter rejection by the Courier in which I again pleaded for smoking restrictions in aged flat precincts. Their opinion is shared by the tenant union’s LANARTA JEAN, who is evidently just another despicable Government lapdog who finds assisting retarded tenants bothersome, as are cigarette smoke toxins in aged flat precincts, to quote her, not of her concern.

One looks at the bullshit surrounding the talentless druggie, Amy Winehouse and the 27 club nonsense with ho-humity. Good and proper age to go out, what with diminishing sex appeal inducing soft-ons. What concerns me a great deal is how supposed adults who mourn this no-hoper, with Queensland Labor Party support, can demand entrance til 8 p.m. with instructions to quit griping about cigarette smoke and the unnecessary noise of fellow tenants.

Extract From Nanny State Files


Most thinking Australians have followed Andrew Bolt’s court ruling plight which was to me the done deal of the decade given the ‘political correctness’ claptrap that banishes decent citizens to the desert. Intrusive visits by Queensland Housing heavies to silence my anti-smoking comments and condemnation of their active encouragement to favoured tenants to release toxins at will, proves more stinks in Queensland Labor than Housing’s calculated disregard of human rights.

Andrew Bolt has thousands of supporters, one of whom is John Roskham, speaker of a think-tank whose letter in Bolt’s column could apply to the silent suffering of many flabbergasted, decent-living, generally older people, whose principles have been unceremoniously pulled from under them. Abandoned, they are left to wonder why inborn instinctive goodness, once so pivotal to a civilized society, is now derided as a mental aberration peculiar to ‘oldies.’

That I’ve lately questioned my nurturing by overly decent and worthy parents is unfair to their memory and a poor reflection on law-maker’s sympathy with bullies and other recidivists who have been nanny-state trained not to think beyond on whose property should they chuck their take-away rubbish.

As a Qld. Housing tenant, I have seen and experienced too much blatant disregard and disdain of human rights by operatives within the Housing system, that had I wanted to keep my self-respect, would have departed long ago. Two instances; 89 y.o. woman troubled by downwind cigarette smoke drift and road toxins pleading with me not to let on that she was so troubled, didn’t want to get on wrong side of Housing staff, she said. Same lady issued with notice to correct an anomaly with $1.90 f/n undeclared, unaware WW2 pension of first, dead husband. Given two weeks to correct things or lose rent subsidy. A worrier, she chased a remote off-spring to fix it. Dead five weeks later.

Example 2; Visiting an acquaintance in another housing precinct, I passed a declared fifth columnist who had spitefully made false accusations against my acquaintance for undeclared income. Facetiously, I offered him some of my notes for his edification. His reply is typical of Housing Commission’s killing of personal thought: “No way in the world,” he quickly shot off, and I am not kidding, added, “If they (H.C.) get to hear about it, I’ll be looking for another flat.” For Queensland Housing, this manipulated, brain-dead oxygen waster is the embodiment of the perfect tenant.

Mr. Roskam, Australians should be outraged at tons of social issues, as you say, but unless they are suffering a similar fate, their comprehension of outrage is hard put to extend beyond deep and meaningful statements like “scary” and such heart-felt emotion could happen only if a promised firework exhibition or free sausage sizzle failed to happen. I commend your intent.

“How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate, they could plug-in your wire whenever they wanted to.” — George Orwell, 1984.

Was clicking through StumbleUpon when up bobbed an academic’s ranking of “Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism.” and with the continuing harassment from Bligh’s Housing thought police, it was once more unto the fight, dear friends, once more. ” Christ, here we go again,” I could have uttered as I yanked the four most relevant points over to a page and rearranged the importance order.

Les Johns.

Brisbane bus driver accused of making racist remarks towards passenger…But is it ok to demean a monkey?

July 28, 2016

Woman with babe in arms boards bus, has altercation with driver, storms down isle, slumps into seat besides passenger and sobs,”That driver, I’ve never been so humiliated in my entire life.” “Get right back to that bloke,” advised the man, “and lay into him, and if it helps, I’ll hold the monkey for you.”

A Murdoch man for whom the adage,”Runs with the foxes, hunts with the hounds,” was coined.

July 8, 2016

The brave opportune Tweets of a @rupertmurdoch suck-hole.

Syvret.(On “doddering” octogenarians and pregnant shoppers.)

“Who are I…pleeze journos..”


Damn, now I regret cancelling Foxtel. Blot has Pauline Hanson and Rowan Dean on tonight. #MeetingOfGreatMinds

Syvret associated Tweets in block quote:

Paul Syvret ‏@PSyvret

Hanson takes centre stage again but this time we should listen not lampoon. Very thoughtful piece by @margokingston1

Paul Syvret ‏@PSyvret

A serious question: has Hanson ever offered anything positive, or does she just float to the surface again when the zeitgeist is angry?

Paul Syvret Retweeted
#AusExit FitzSimons ‏@Peter_Fitz Jul 4

I reckon this tweet to #QandA on the money: “If Abbott was in charge, Shorten would have given his victory speech by 9 pm.”

Syvret’s unlikely LGBT alliance. Not expecting miracles from relatives ‘butch’ army brain-washing.

Fitzsimons is a loudmouth plagiarist of Australian military history, played a ball sport giving Syvret a kinship claim.

In Beaudesert, Qld Labor, ever the lap-dogs to Liberal overlords.

July 2, 2016

A decade or so ago, whenever an election was pending, whether Local, State or Federal, the Jimboomba ALP branch would man their little recruitment/information tent on market Saturdays at Beaudesert’s Dick Westerman Park and do their damnest to look harmless to the passing weary.
The main beneficiary of this function was to promote the fortunes of a demi-god, in the mind and eyes of Queensland Labor, a thief of decent working people, to whit, a real estate sales-person in the name of standover merchant Brett Raguse
A exception to these dummies who was always an able conversationalist, a pleasant man, was Brett McCreadie who, after the foul Raguse fluked Wright’s formerly named Federal seat of Forde, went on to contest Beaudesert, losing to the Libs Jon Krause.
Yarning with an earnest, small minded boy, as it turned out, Jason Whitlock and his ‘wife’ I idly, and innocently, I must add, asked why the Labor Party never seems to rebuke The Courier Mail despite them printing at least four blatant untruths about them or their associates every day of the week.
In a flash, it was demanded of me that I pose with Whitlock’s ‘wife’ for a matey, family photo. I did so without compunction; I was not the strange-acting one in this scenario. This character typifies all that anchors Federal and State Labor parties into the mire and encourages Plibersek among a host of others to converse with their followers at a basic IQ level.
Reproduced Beaudesert Times story with picture of Queensland’s arse-licking girl-child Deputy Premier:


Beaudesert’s malevolent nut-job, via Woolworths/Aldi: “Can’t touch me, I’m Father Christmas.”

June 30, 2016

Beaudesert's serial pest throws comments after Woolworths and Aldi customers who refuse to cave-in to his incessant money demands.

Beaudesert’s serial pest throws comments after Woolworths and Aldi customers who refuse to cave-in to his incessant money demands.

Dodgy Kooralbyn R/Estate Operator Opens Diner, Writes Own Review.

June 29, 2016

Huang pays workers in bar tabs

Compliments Beaudesert Times.

Compliments Beaudesert Times.

After Maroon Cemetery, you’ll come across this precarious..but looks staged to me.

June 22, 2016

Boonah to Rathdowney.

To Boonah via Rathdowney brings you ‘The Border Ranges’ and the Maroon Cemetery. The best road out of Beaudesert.

June 22, 2016

“Out of Beaudesert..The Road To Christmas Creek.”

“Our Town..not a Happy Little Place.”

Maroon Cemetery Sign. 9/09/2014

Brisbane’s last Saturday Telegraph. December 29, 1979. Mal Meninga, working Melbourne Hotel bottle dept. took delivery of Teles.

June 17, 2016

Last Saturday editions, Brisbane Telegraph. December 29, 1979.

Last Saturday editions, Brisbane Telegraph. December 29, 1979.

“The Bulletin” ( & other publications) old clippings, book reviews; of Australian writers. Begins with George Johnston, 1968.

June 12, 2016

The Bulletin (From National Museum Australia)

"The Bullitin" book reviews; of Australian writers. George Johnston.

Who could forget Thea Astley's, "A Boatload Of Homefolk"?

Who could forget Thea Astley’s thrilling, “A Boatload Of Homefolk”?

Geoffrey Dutton's writing over my head, his reviews couldn't be missed though.

Geoffrey Dutton’s writing over my head, his reviews couldn’t be missed though.

Geoffrey Dutton from Wikipedia

J P Donleavy's "The Onioneaters" an opening to crude, adult humour. Larfed 'til I cried.

J P Donleavy’s “The Onioneaters” an opening to crude, adult humour. Larfed ’til I cried.

2004 CM review of gay play. The female reviewer's high moral standards remain untarnished and public. Read her closing paragraph to find out. Had I lived in Brisbane and not Beaudesert, where I was soundly rubbished for being old last Friday when I attended the State Government Office to extend my "geriatric" driving license, I might have been tempted to look-in at this updated version of Dorian Gray.

2004 CM review of gay play. The female reviewer’s high moral standards remain untarnished and public. Read her closing paragraph to find out why.
Had I lived in Brisbane and not Beaudesert, where I was soundly rubbished for being old last Friday when I attended the State Government Office to extend my “geriatric” driving license, I would have felt free to comment openly on this updated version of Wilde’s Dorian Gray.

C. 1947 Greenslopes S.S. group. I’m prob. the demure, meek one, mid 3rd line, cowering between 2 others.

June 9, 2016

Greenslopes S.S. circa 1947

How much faith can you put in a pet cemetery’s bullshit,”Your beloved pet is safe in our care.”

June 7, 2016

The Sexton’s wife…Far too precious for Aida at Brisbane’s QE2 Stadium.

“It’s a dog’s life for Rosa in the pot.”

I assisted in and around a Greenbank pet crematorium and burial establishment. Behind the scenes goings-on eventually caused a permanent, hateful rift between its owner and myself. This had to happen.

Buried in my junk is a site-map of pet burials whose owners were unable to attend the service because of work or other commitments and who fully expected the service to go ahead in their absence exactly as it would have in their presence. Reproduced under is a note to self at that time which has recently risen to the top of the pile.

Printed a few years ago within this blog is a more precise account of the nefarious abuse and contempt for the lately bereaved pet lover. Click on “When Pets and People have had Their Day,” for more details.

But not all is as it seems. John applied a wee bit of his version of value-adding by tipping out the recently deceased animal from its warm, earthly box to face eternity wrapped only in the good earth. Entrusted wishes not followed but the cash-in-hand remains unchanged.

Lawn Cem, saved boxes.

“Heeey everybody, I’m a ‘white cunt.'”

June 7, 2016

Beau could have prefixed ‘desert’ as being an administrative, walled township of National/Liberal Party rule, but I could have gone off-track here. Recently, I ‘relocated’ to the fair borough of Beaudesert and the short street of my new voting address forms part of the common walking route into town, recalls a small personal incident gone now some eighteen years.

Some of the concreted walking path from Edward St covers a low-lying flood plain and is a pleasant kilometre or so stroll into town which I always enjoyed. Nothing too memorable ever occurred until one day on the trip home, the sudden whirring of push-cycle wheels as a prepubescent black kid wheeled past sending a golly of badly misdirected spittle my way and screamed, “White cunt.”

All this time later, the boy, if fate allowed his living, would now be a young man in his late twenties with no recall of the event, possibly an oft performed party trick, or perhaps I was a one-off, would have given him a brief feel-good moment. At that young age, would have been groomed by an older person, a parent or relative, espousing hate.

Wonder if his attitude changed, one way or the other, for better or worse, in the meantime.

Feel good, spit at someone.

June 5, 2016

Changed this short recount to “Heeey everybody,Im a ‘white cunt.'”

Changing camping spots can be as emotionally draining as the death of a close friend.

May 13, 2016

“Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering-and it’s all over much too soon.”

I am relocating. That is, as an oldie, in officialese, I am changing ‘accommodation,’ like I’ve rolled my swag and am moving from a bush-stick lean-to to a secluded, drier spot under the overpass.

Informing Telstra of the change, leaving and coming dates, and all that goes with these occasions the patronizing, over-matey, please love Telstra (and me) young man seemed taken aback that a geriatric old prick gathered his wits long enough to negotiate the system thus far and carry out an indifferent, run of the mill chore.

He was pleased to tell me of my good fortune, that the unit was plugged and ready for my ADSL connection. I knew when inspecting the place of that availability and was a prime reason for taking such ‘accommodation.’

The young chap marvelled at my reassurance that pushing a plug into a wall socket was within my broad reach of combining a manual movement with a cerebral task. The inquisitive ASIO trainee feared my advanced journey into mental and age retardation would surely have hampered, prevented even, my having the faintest idea on how to pick my nose.

For something like $300, he reminded me, a technician could come around and do the job for me. Far too generous,these consultants/salespersons.

Origin Energy’s move phone number gave me a self-congratulatory five-minute spiel then assured me there was a twenty-minute queue and that I should ring back later in the evening. I slept beyond the 9 PM deadline, putting another job to the irritating ‘later on’ category.

A robber carpet cleaner is scheduled. Main Roads will be informed, so is mail address redirection awaiting and don’t overlook the bank. The Feds have my new gen, so things are getting done without the aid of Telstra-like gratuitous humbugs.

This and real estate crap as well.

Taken on our Goondiwindi tour with first dog.

The move itself is somewhat daunting with more sentimental culling to do; old paperwork and photographs, once important and reverent, fitting, one thought at the time, that it should be kept in perpetual remembrance, like the Holy Grail, but now an encumbrance; a partner’s soft and delicate sleepwear, kept for too long, perhaps. No, not really.

Sally (“Snippets”) Rogers & crook father, Barrie, tried to gyp us. We won the case; this envelope contained the legal documents.

May 7, 2016

4 Winds on manilla env.

When Editorial people took “TIME” to reply to readers. Lauren Field, most likely, never even got a ‘thank you’ note.

May 7, 2016

"TIME" mag reply to 1975 letter.

Victorian tram, horse-drawn possibly, circa early thirties, a park rest-up, my father with niece.

May 5, 2016

Would think this tram was horse-drawn.

Melbourne. Dad with ? circa 1925

Would have been a standard condolence letter of the time, I expect, but do wonder if such decency gets a look-in nowadays.

May 4, 2016

Bill Hayden Mum condolence letter.

Would have been a standard condolence letter of that time, I expect, but do wonder if such decency gets a look-in nowadays.[/caption]

Jimboomba’s day of infamy; when the Church’s 7th placed letter-box was kidnapped.

May 4, 2016

Seventh placed in a letter-box competition and the spiteful anti-Christs pinch a Catholic school's pride and joy. "We are quite sad."

Seventh placed in a letter-box competition and the spiteful anti-Christs pinch a Catholic school’s pride and joy. “We are quite sad.”

After this sorrowful 1917 shot, amateur historians forgot to make notes for descendants.

May 3, 2016

Thoughtful of the historian for the facts; and was press-stamped FEGAN . BRISBANE

99 y.o. words on back next.

How Dad and friend motored in the early thirties. Very formal dress code in Victoria.

May 3, 2016

My Dad and friend on epic motoring tour, early thirties, would guess.

Most amusing! Lead balloon today I suspect. Undated CM, its compiler would indicate era.

May 3, 2016

Undated CM

Brisbane’s short-lived Daily Sun. More Murdoch bastardry.

May 3, 2016

Daily Sun. May 27, 1982.

Bill Roycroft’s success with “Our Solo” at Rome Games. (and signed by the author)

May 1, 2016


John Watson, 1951-2014. Cairns friend.

May 1, 2016

'Hippies' Bryan Nason and John Watson. Tales from the Magic Era.

Apologies to NARPACA (North Australia’s Live Entertainment Circuit) for lifting their words. I’ve had a spot of bother making a link.

Tribute to a remarkable man.

VALE John William Watson (1951 – 2014)

It was with heavy hearts that we heard of the sudden passing on Monday 4 August 2014 of our much loved and respected colleague and friend John Watson. A true cultural warrior, John will be remembered as much for his passionate belief in the arts and his many talents as a writer, producer, director, dancer, costume and set designer/maker, as for his mischievous nature, glittering eyes and ability to make everyone he met, feel special.

As one of Queensland’s most loved theatre practitioners, a tribute was staged to honour John on 15th of August 2014 at the Queensland Theatre Company’s Bille Brown Studio. This special event allowed the community to celebrate and farewell an adored man who touched the heart of all who knew him. During the tribute, John was described as a “true friend and helper, a man of the theatre who was as adept with a sewing machine as he was with a cordless drill”.

John entertained and inspired the lives of thousands through his many and varied creative projects including his work as Producer River Stage & National/Corporate Days World Expo ’88, as writer of Smiley – the Musical (Book & Lyrics) and as co-writer and director of the enormously successful musical Possum Magic which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and on its last tour, played to over 80,000 people.

John passed away in his sleep the night before he was to commence as Manager of the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre in Bundaberg. He died in the way he lived, excited, brimming with ideas and full of expectation for his new adventure. John is buried in an unmarked grave. Vale John Watson.

Click here to watch the Tribute to John’s life:

Liberals cranky after Labor realizes it too, can pull off Joh/Lib stunts.

April 27, 2016

Krause: BT 27/04/2016.

When prawns were 3 pounds a $1 Bread 3 loaves a $1.NZ made, 1974 200 L. Freezer, going still. ‘Downsizing,’ going to see Jesus.

April 27, 2016

Ta-ta Deepfreezer.

Beaudesert Showground landmark Frangipani mulched after boof stubbed idiot toe.

April 24, 2016

In the year 2001, in Edward St Beaudesert, shattered Leopardwood nuts from mowing entered next doors front yard and in retaliation, the hateful old chap had his former workmates from the Works Department demolish the footpath tree to ground level.

About the same time, a drongo stubbed his half-wit toe into the very prominent roots of a long established frangipani tree, a favoured shady spot at the showground. That huge tree was also arbitrarily destroyed, just like the one out front.

Wrote a few letters in protest but as Oscar Wilde observed, the letters to the Editor page served to remind him of the stupidity of the populace.

Huge, shady Beaudesert showground Frangipani removed after drongo stumbled on its roots.

When Council ‘mates’ destroyed an Edward St. tree to satisfy a grudge.

April 24, 2016

When Beaudesert Council Works Dept mates could lop a footpath tree to satisfy a neighborhood dispute.

Two cakes with one egg: Oldies might soon resort to war-time measures for unhealthy ‘luxuries.’

April 23, 2016

V old newspaper (Two cakes with one egg)

No column jottings. Seems like immediate post World War 2 frugality.

No column jottings, seems post-war frugal 1940-50's

From my WordPress media file, unlikely now to have stories woven around them.

April 20, 2016

Bora Ring 2.

Cath's Stufffed Toys.

Cath's 1st Easter Veterinary Show.

Cem Roses

Props Cath used in her "Pot of Gold" Irish Curmudgeon, Bragg Veterinary Skit.

1946 Letter. P1

Charlie to Arthur P2

Missouri and Maryland Streets.

Warren Saxen took shot of self with Cathy. House, cnr Missouri & Maryland Sts, Jimboomba.25/12/'93.

The Last Two Standing.

Jesus bus close-up

From the steps.

Camping in Ute, winter.

In The Aisles. (Syvret)

L. Prince back page.

Jim Pearson's Angellala Siding Proclamation of 1962.

Cunt lunches (2)

img036 Yours Truly.

Cathy's Christmas.

Cathy’s Christmas.

Casablanca Cairns

Casablanca Cairns

Paul Siroky, 29/25 Hughs St, Potts Point. NSW. 2011  Circa 1963/4 Holloways/Machans Bch, Cairns.

Married by Burt (Bert) 10 March, 1997, in old Beaudesert Hospital.


Shade (right view)

Shade (right view)

The Martins.

The Clan. Front Yard abt. 1955


Melbourne. Dad with ? circa 1925

Crown Stove Reverse.

A Flat In A Carpark.

Gay Viet vet plaque



Total Cairns Costing.

Cairns Homeward Cost.

"Once U A T I T West" damaged.

iIan, Narelle, Bert. Early 1953 at a guess.

Michael Plant Obit. July 13, 1965.

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