Rudd’s association with the poisonous and crooked Queensland Labor Government and its thuggish and venal Cabinet would have been unhelpful baggage for him. Most of the working class morons on the street who benefited from Rudd’s actions speak adversely of him and can barely wipe their own arses, and know not the meaning of suffrage and its privileges and obligations. Their ignorance will have them praising and admiring the contemptible aspiring ‘rulers’ who favor a return to the Whigs and Serfs way of running governments.

Small or big L liberals or whatever faction in whatever party, all boils down to lard, with piss and shit on top. Across the broad spectrum of politics, as I see it, are two divisions; Large C and Small C. of which Abbott encompasses the former, but leave room for Gilliard who has forfeited any right of sniffing my rear hole.

The pus from rotting matter seeps into the unlikeliest of cracks; that from the putrid end of George Street has filtered into an area that concerns me, and the line is blurred between the Housing Department and Q Build, the Government backed body that can’t, and costs six times the private sector for trying. The Looters end of George Street is not unlike political offices the world over; staffed by cool kids who don’t have the foggiest idea that they don’t know a blooming thing about life and whose Canberra cousins have just instigated Rudd’s crash to Earth.

There is an acronymic, so-called tenants union that could well be initialised B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. It is as much representative of individual Housing tenants as is my right big toe. Why you may well ask, am I so dismissive of this organisation? Because it is backed and financed by The Queensland Government. It is a sham and peopled by H. Dept. has-beens, most of whom are Labor Party spivs making notes of dissidents. My own diary has its list of car numbers, times and names including occasions when one loud-mouth note-taker vocally let it be known of his presence when questioning certain tenants.

B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. holds its second annual tenants meeting in Beaudesert next week. I have nothing but revulsion for jumped-up crap like this and how the organisers knew of this by omitting me from their inaugural meeting list is a mystery. An outsider alerted me of its imminent happening.

I went to the initial meeting hoping to get a tenant representatives outlook on my on-going acute olfactory and lung problems that is kept alive by passive cigarette smoke which sweeps into my flat 24 hours a day by the prevailing easterlies. I got no sympathy from a woman called Jean who insisted my idea to house smokers down-wind to non-smokers would be offensive to smokers and therefore the idea wouldn’t get off the ground.

My cigarette smoking neighbor entered my veranda space and sprayed insect repellent into my face and a fracas ensued. He made a police complaint naming me as instigator which was quickly rejected as spurious. My request that installing a time-lapse camera would immediately settle future disputes was rejected as being offensive to this criminal.

Jean blithely told me and by extension the meeting, and I kid you not using a straight face, that her raison d’etre was to keep tenants up with the happenings of the world, but essentially to advise them to shop around and get a better deal on electricity charges.

Would the CMC be even faintly interested to learn that a week later a representative of an opposition energy company knocked on all H.C. doors in this town chasing new business?


What’s that one again about running with the foxes and hunting with the hounds? Raguse is pleased with yesterday’s shameful events; it was good for him before, he was quoted,”…and it can only continue to be good.” Is that Labor Party speak for, ” I almost shoved Rudd out of every picture shoot. Watch me do the same to Gillard.”

Queensland’s stand-over thug reminds constituents of Keating’s assertion of the Senate being the place of filth, and the rat takes out shaky insurance by praising giants.

Tanner’s TV presence gave him credibility although I hope he was giving us a little white porky with the claim that events of the day had no bearing on his chucking his job in.

The self-centred talentless duds who purport to represent the average voter know a voter’s recall beyond three weeks is hen’s tooth country, so are safe to rape and loot at will.

It wasn’t a normal day at the office.

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