Yet another election pundit has released the formula on which he bases his sagacious estimates, and the stats. are roughly; thirty-five percent to each major, 8% greens, with the fragments the detested thinking deciders. Then I remembered elections past, before the advent of the Senate as dirt-bags, when the minorities were looked down on as treacherous for not voting for either of the major stand-over merchants. Biased critics, as always, cleverly and confidently called the considered vote a donkey vote, and it made them feel good to have their insightful knowledge made public. We get the same deep pondering today by interviewees who trail off with “… and yair, like…”

The Whig cycle is returning, brothers and sisters, and whether you are a Beaudesert nose-picker or an urban dude, few of you would have the faintest idea you are being fist-fucked and loving it. The tide has turned or ebbed even and the derisory donkey vote has become more than ever the squeaky voice of the rebel.

Incompetency, stupidity and sniveling personify the Queensland Government Trinity. I don’t have to leave my abode to suffer their pox. A pleasant young man with a cold chisel and a hammer sought admittance to my guv’mint flat yesterday to bang a test hole through the vinyl to ensure the floorboards would sustain the weight of follow-up workers about to replace perfectly good plastic. Visual and physical access to these floorboards is easily attained by crouching a bit and walking under, but bureaucratic stupidity, swamped with too much maintenance funds, always finds a way.

Perfectly good toilets were removed and replaced by lower and totally inadequate tooties. A few older residents were unable to rise from the low seat and had to purchase over-seats and even the younger and able user has to perch on the edge to avoid oopsies on the surrounds.

A painter was given $4,000 and the paint to redo the verandas only eleven months after the previous sloppy QBuild ‘job.’ I reiterate my suggestion that the goings-on from my window warrant a CMC peek, but ha-ha-ha, who’s watching the watchmen?

I’ve got a lot of mail on these crooks but I’ve got a bone in my leg at the moment, but that’s preferable to having one pointed at me.


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