JOH AND BISCHOF… they’re back reincarnate.

Should Gillard gain power, the electorate will be without honor and self-respect. Abbott’s spiv pals can only give us more of the same, but why reward such a calculating, malevolent back-stabber as she? If only Rudd would say, “Sure, I’ll speak in your favour. Just return my job.”

Holy bloody Toledo Batman, who would have thought the nice Queensland police would be caught sniffing the sheets and checking for pubes and skid marks? I feel attracted to that group of citizens who are uncomfortable with Bligh’s widening ‘us and them’ policy and of the many examples of her Government’s fawning stasi at work. Elections draw the ALP cretins to their stand at the monthly market in Beaudesert where I was snapped by a hastily produced camera after innocently noting how the NLP, if they got their fingers out, would find 3-4 stories in every issue of the CM on which to expand anti-alp propaganda. The State Government sub-contracts their gum-shoe work to a legal company the proof of which will come to light.

I can understand Queen Rat’s argument on oldies being over-pensioned. I find it hard to comprehend how I could circumnavigate the world on just five ordinary nett fortnightly payments and that’s after rent. Relativity kicks in though when you quickly realize she and other inconsequential bureaucratic bludgers score 30 times as much and 50 times as much on their retirement. The early education of my generation didn’t have such esoteric subjects as greed and intimidation on the menu and if you doubted the Jesus and God stuff of meekness and turning the other cheek you were kicked into the ground and left to the mercy of the Devil. Nah, that a bullshit. No physical stuff at all, just a verbal threat of enforced enrolment at a convent where the black garbed nuns would flay the skin off you.

One despicable nonagenarian living in my flat precinct shunned by her family for her loathsomeness, has a charitable organisation run her to the machines at least thrice weekly, while a M.D. makes scheduled calls on her because of a husband’s remote connection to WW2 gives her that entitlement. While she can make it to the pokies to drop her money, the cost of the weekly medical check-up is being accommodated by the Guv’mint.

Another elderly woman, unusually pleasant and likable for a H.C. tenant who had no interest in playing the machines had two daughters who called on Mum when their bad luck threatened a mortgage or other payment. She died, not unexpectedly, a gagging death from years of inhaling her up-wind neighbours cigarette smoke. She knew too well the futility of complaint and the eviction threats to those who sought a fair hearing have been enacted on the gullible.

An abode shift has the same emotional impact as a divorce and on a harmless 89 y.o, the result of an officious reprisal would have devastated her; would have devastated any gentle soul for that matter. She specifically rejected my offer to intervene on her behalf for the stated reasons. ” It will blow over,” she sought to allay my concerns; sure Lydia, but only for the Blighs and the Atkinsons, Rockhampton dynasty builders and the Cabinet Thugs and Looters and their subservient Housing Commission Woodridge snivellers who support only fifth-column contacts within Housing precincts.

As in all aspects of life, it depends on who you know to get what you want. At various moments in life, I would present facts and when they were rejected or dismissed out of hand, I adopted Ned Kelly’s take on life and assumed the “Such is life” attitude which, in retrospect, marks the no-fuss victim a dimwit. The great lumbering, overfed, selfish battle-axe who shows her scholarship by oafish mobile-phone manners become Housing Department pets, and propping outside my door to act on their officially condoned stupidity verges on stalking.

The next door smoker appealed to police to charge me after he attacked me on my veranda. When the police checked the facts, Garble got their short shift. In Beaudesert, the police are expected to jump to the demands of the tainted and crooked RSL club and when nothing could be found on which to invent a case, the once heavy dope-user now seeking respectability at any price, turned to the Housing Commission whose biased staff, with much glee and gusto, tried to intimidate me with eviction threats and this, Laze and Gen of Beaudesert, is a civil matter. I retain this paperwork with a deal of other data. This woman who amused Garble in his vindictive quest will face a more active contest if she or her brain-stuffed colleagues repeat this stunt. has interesting stuff about which vindictive relatives should be let go.


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