EXECUTIVELY YOURS…love from George Street.

What a primitive and obdurate country will China forever be. Old photographs of dirt-filled buckets being passed on by Chinese ‘peasants’ constructing huge dams by hand came to mind when TV images of their own citizens, still under the yoke, being forced to mop-up a huge oil spill with bare hands and unprotected bodies. It is mute testimony why we must be ever-vigilant of the machinations behind $1,000 a day Queensland bureaucratic puke-bags who greedily grab unearned handouts. The elected megalomaniacs and looters of George Street follow suit, and any system of monitoring and checking is barred to the cowed and useless CMC.

The cloying Courier-Mail questions its reader’s integrity by applauding that absent quality in the Queensland Premier. A Murdoch directive is issued! Abbott’s bunch know how calculating crooked is that superficial, ego driven muck who has accepted an overlord alp title. The Libs would take Queensland if they went for the jugular now, today, this minute. Playing to the camera indicated Abbott clearly wanted the tv audience see him explaining money bills to an aged woman in a convalescent home. If she had a wish list, I doubt very much it was for another dollar a week bingo money. A desire for recognition as a lifelong thinking entity who didn’t just emerge from an oversized womb with an undeveloped brain would have been prominent.

How do you rate horror? Does an imminent death from a raging bushfire differ from that of an almost certain death among the water-filled trenches of Belgium? The latter lured into a supposed ‘harmless boy’s adventure’ by feel-good Colonel Blimps who haunt rsl franchises to this very day seeking sympathy and soft targets as they laud and encourage all conflict, even neighbour disputes. The abandonment of common sense highlights bushfire deaths. The previous day’s fire reports predicted precisely its outcome. I condemn Brumby for apologising to these unfortunate people for their rank stupidity.

I am one of twelve tenants who occupy a Government subsidised flat precinct, and my flat is so located as to have offensive smells swept in by the prevailing easterly winds. Of all the stinks and toxins, the most dangerous and debilitating poison is cigarette smoke, and I cop that 24 hours a day. Cigarette smoke deniers are always Housing Commission staff.

But so are the people’s representatives in George Street to whom I appealed. The reply I got from a $1000 a day yes-man told me how cigarette smoking is legal; how I should address an ‘honourable’ and don’t annoy us again.

Indian sewage workers think they are in worker’s heaven if they can scrounge a pair of thongs to slosh about in underground shit. Australians are morally corrupt that we continue to buy ultra cheap products from this country and China. There is no point to the argument that these same peons would suffer more without our meagre contribution.

The façade the Chinese hierarchy have built to conceal the behind-the-scenes goings-on in their country have been eagerly adopted and added to by the sneaky crooks running Queensland’s George Street Government.
ABC News 24 has been a boon to this irregular sleeper and I hope it doesn’t become a useless dud like the two commercial appendage stations, only one of which partially caters to demand. The never-ending drone from News 24 of the union puppet can only benefit her opponents. I rather enjoyed the newly created, pre-22 when it was in its nascent stage and ran various Statelines from around the country. It’s a delight to have them back in the news channel.

Last Saturday morning the N.T. Stateline gave the viewer a look at life as it plays-out in that still odd and unusual State. Witness any mornings TV look at newspapers from around the Capitals. Darwin’s front page is always unique. When N.T. Stateline finished this morning, the even flow of contented viewing was shattered by an immature male voice presenting ancient news for early teenagers. That fairly gave me the shits and I shouldn’t have had to leave my work station to switch to the enjoyable ABC Digital Jazz. Would not, for Christ’s sake, three other youth oriented ABC channels and five commercial channels satisfy that demographic at 0630 hours Saturday?

If youth insist on listening to a squeaky voiced peer deliver old news, and I very much doubt they care a whit, what about breaking into that trash on ABC 1 and give them BTN that way. Lazy and uninspiring programming will forever dog the discerning viewer and the ABC, while it should have learnt by now, will forever leave two and a half percent of the job undone.

It seemed strange to see Darwin’s Chief Councillor wearing the Lord appellation, applied only to the head honcho of a State’s capital. I then remembered that preserving Territory after the granting of Statehood retained the frontier, romantic image. That attitude plays into the hands of piss-pots and psycho jobs who think they are reliving 1878. To redress this psychological impairment, I propose that these wankers who visualise themselves as rough and tough, Crocodile Dundee apers should be allowed to fade and for that State’s inhabitants become dumb and stupid complaint creatures like the rest of us.

I propose the States new name as Beagle. Uninspiring to deter the dicks, but it was the name of the famous explorers accommodation for five years, the confinement in which drove him stir-crazy and as such, is undeniably related to the mental state of its inhabitants. Can you imagine a formerly-named Territorian holidaying in Melbourne explaining, “Yair well, I’m actually a Beaglearian. Beaglearian? Bugger that, I’m gunna stay in effing Victoria.”


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