Gillard quickly adopted the personal pronouns, I, Me, My, as her own; as her political right. Since I gained the power to reason, an awareness of Rattus rattus habits precludes that species having any right to life.

Treasurer Swan for the first twelve months, like a mortified, quaking mouse atop a block of cheese unsure of what to do with it. The wanker sounded ridiculous on Ch. 10 Sunday, much like the revamped, but ever a one-term Obama telling himself he is now reasserted.

Abbott is clearly uncomfortable having to tell porkies. He jumped the bullshit gun the other morning about troop deaths.

Coles and Woolworths; Channels 7 and 9; Abbott and Gillard. What does it matter? Shadows of each other.

The allies lose lives in Afghanistan when their purpose in that country is to keep the Taliban away from Pakistan’s nuclear works. These 3rd world impoverished countries could support and care for their people if they didn’t spend billions on toys that big kids themselves can barely afford.

Three days before the election, the 44th observation of a badly planned Vietnamese skirmish will get maximum media coverage. The event has been hi-jacked and promoted by a push group within the local rsl who strive for Long Tan parity with Gallopoli.

Garven’s existence is for this day. The Holy Grail is presented for adoration as a cover for the actual, real remembrance of a last smoke with a dying lover. Poignant too, because mores of the day hindered a masculine embrace. A youthful fling with Mullimbimby Madness became an addiction in ‘Nam where it was as commonplace as free cigarettes. A Government-endorsed schizophrenic hero has evolved who enjoys demi-god status by rsl witless louts.

The bile is thick and tangible in Beaudesert where simple-minded thugs have only their drugged Vietnam experience and unconsummated sex as old-age comfort. Labor candidates, esp. Raguse, have made a song and dance of joining their local rsl and lauding all things remotely connected to a slouch hat.

Common-sense has lost its meaning, thanks to politicians sucking-up to cretins who believe they are instrumental members of Australia’s Brave Warriors and will ingest the last three days of crapola,”Give that man a medal,” from whomever says it the loudest and most often.

Latham the obtuse enters the mind. It wasn’t until this Sunday morning that any of these Labor sages crisscrossing the country were asked who among them made him their leader? I have an aversion to using the hate word, but how could you not in this context? I wonder if the constituency of Werriwa lament their collective skewed judgment. Their voting preferences suggest they are IQ deficient Housing Commission tenants as are my neighbours.

A thinker said,”Ignorance is curable; stupidity is forever.” Most Australians are well endowed with the latter and are proud of it.


On Rudd’s big night, The Queensland premier introduced him to his cheering supporters and applauded we oldies for our contribution to Australia’s greatness ad nauseam. She promptly resumed partying, went about her ego-tripping way and never again reminded us of our infinite integrity. I don’t want monetary
recognition from this bunch of filth, all I ask is for a decent hearing from their Department For The Homelessness. Do you believe that title? That’s Labor smart-arse in-talk for old bastards who are threatened with eviction should we maintain our pride and wish for an even playing field.

Remember that once oft-used term? The paddock must have had the grader over it without my knowing.


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