It’s coming to fruition is it not? Bligh’s flabby jowled inner cabinet connect with their Federal equivalents whose corruption is not so much criminal as moral. Rudd was fortunate in a sense, in that he learned by morning his secret haters and why they held that stance. My naïvety led me to dismiss negativity of the day to come to light 20 years later. The reasoning difficult to fathom.

She and her band operate under the famous maxim that you’re not a crook until you get caught. What is Kaiser doing these days? He scored a $420,000 tout’s job earlier in the year. A complacent Government creates more of the same as the pus dribbles through the cracks. I’d like to see positive action at the next Queensland election when some of Bligh’s insidious cohorts should be scoured with her. A rusted-on counter-passant opposition keeps devious crooks in charge of the Queensland till.

Rudd copped the union’s wraith for no other reason that their power game was threatened. Life under the Liberals incomprehensible until they had got their filthy fat fingers entrenched in the system.

The boring rhetoric of work choices is a poor argument and is all they have apart from that migraine-inducing drone. Similar legislation to work choices would never get past a hostile Senate in today’s political climate.

The country was not threatened by Rudd’s leadership, only the power-hungry within Labor were. Had Gillard been made of better mettle, she would have instinctively fled the room at the suggestion she dump on her mate and P.M.

All the best with your spring-cleaning.

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