The Federal election result is encouraging in that a lot of us are uncomfortable with having a declared rat in a leader role. She certainly had many admirers and was looked-up to but the illusion went down the hole with her back-room deal. Rudd’s Queensland heritage had little bearing on the swing, but I do think the dreadful Premier and her bunch of looters was an impediment.

What happened on Saturday was really a quick dust job, a few fresh stinking rogers pushed into the old slimy waters of an unwashed vase. The ingrained trash taints the new and the experience as memorable as a quickie knee-trembler in a dark alley. The electorate will return to practical stuff like looking for fresh sex and a quick nosh-up, the while thinking that now they’ve revolutionised the country. The stink is there still and it lies within the real lords, the over-paid bureaucrats who dictate terms to the newly created Ministers.

It was done federally, it can be done in Queensland. If the bastards give you the shits, get rid of them. The Queensland muck-bag is as convincing as a three dollar note when she thinks we fall for her ‘batting for the people mantra.’ As happened in the federal scene, there will be more dubious dirt-bags to replace her, but battling and under-mining dummies before they burrow into the system would be a far easier fight than removing them after entrenchment.

I would prefer to believe that the voters of Longman are visionaries, rather than desperate, by giving that young chap a go. Could be that grey-bearded oldies posing as wise sages have run their course. The current hirsute look began as bristly gay up-market, designed to amuse rough-sex aficionados about two decades ago and should have stayed with that genre and age demographic. A beard suggested a furtive Jack the Ripper hiding dreadful secrets when I was a youngster. There is also a theory that closet misogynists use one to generate penis envy in women.

But this play is called our town of Beaudesert and I hope to relate in fits and bursts how reason is applied by the Queensland Housing Department and others in the system.

Does the silly little George Street Struthers girl running the More Homelessness Ministry think she wins accolades for her inane flings at the opposition? The TV viewer gets only short grabs of her seeking a big kid’s pat, however un-amusing cracks at the dim don’t get my adulation and are not smart. Those of the Rockhamton criminal or of the Premier are standard bearers of the dunny truck.

Of concern to me is the retributive and criminal deeds of Yahoo and Microsoft who collude to make my life a misery. Since I asked who they bribe in World Governments that they don’t answer to anybody on earth, Yahoo intrudes in this machine, makes my home page theirs and when I remove it, I lose almost everything and have to download and reinstall Firefox and start over again and lose time reestablishing the system. After doing last Saturday’s pre-election piece, I returned home to find the wordpress files blocked and the totally shit Yahoo/MS in charge again. My StarOffice doco. files were frozen weeks ago and I work on the detested Windows wordpad which fades when I try to introduce a toolbar. Yahoo/MS come in carte blanche checking or unchecking as they like.

I paid $800 to a new computer Beaudesert shop owned by a conman who knows less than I do about web sites and I’ve gone backward at a fast pace. He would not know the A, B, C, or D of a site’s dashboard.

Next best url: http://johnstheword.wordpress.com/


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