The Ben Cousins Show. Three years in the making, a treatise on the good life of a narcissist and how to do it. He laughs this minute. I would follow his lifestyle to get a body like that. The Yahoo channel is as on the nose as is Latham’s channel.

The Chinese have bought Timorese affections for a lousy $9M. Jesus wept! Bligh would find that puny number barely enough for her annual Christmas bureaucrat payoff. What did you read into that clenched teeth smile she offered on the ABC radio interview on Wednesday? To me, it looked like a peeved megalomaniac having to concede ground and hating every second of the ordeal.

I have long bemoaned the fact that Australians have allowed themselves to become dumbed-down, the reasoning option taken from them, too mortified to make independent decisions for fear their peers might belittle them for an opinion different from the majority. There’s a lot on the nose about what’s going on in Afghanistan. At home, the air-waves should be humming with demands of the troops immediate repatriation. Why aren’t friends and kin assaulting false, pompous bastards like Houston and Faulkner in the streets and outside Parliament House? Even Jim Molan’s tolerance is thinning. The populace have bought the brain-washing; they’ve bought the bull-shit line that their menfolk are defending Australia and if they cop it they become an immortal Aussie Warrior. Very much like screaming, “Allah Akbar” as the mechanism to a reward of endless after-life sex is activated.

Beaudesert has its show heroes. The merited Anzac Day applause so addicted a few old Majors that they expect adulation from shoppers every day of the week and a loud greeting between two totally disconnected people has one of these Saturday morning frauds spinning around to acknowledge an anticipated homage.

These shameless sham artists are life’s losers personified as nasty biff artists hiding behind the rsl façade. Clutching at the Anzac legend in lieu of decent personal values, and leaching off the resilience and courage of those who led the way. These pricks won’t be heard arguing against our lot fighting in Afghanistan. They wish for more shattered minds and bodies to replace theirs and to stand back and criticise people who won’t toe their hate line.

Respect eludes them and the combined effort of Gillford and Garven to denigrate me among the local community only leads to feedback and has simply reinforced my resolve. The rsl office sniveler is a prejudiced and spiteful Housing bottom-feeder who performs at the behest of Gillford to achieve instant housing for its no-hopers.

Once upon a time in the future, I’ll peruse my diary which is in running format and not one day at a time, and insist on a hearing. Bligh, I hope, won’t always be able to parcel out brown paper bags for the duration of her tenure.

The independents have had their 15 minutes. Let’s have another vote and be done with it. Lots of love. Lezzo.


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