“Inducing More Cunning, Thieving Bastards…”

My subjects are taken to nut-wards or die off. I present two observations on the departed:

At about 0915 hrs on Wednesday, 24 February, 2010, I noticed a lone male of about 40 years of age wandering aimlessly around our unfenced flat precinct. His mien was that of a confused man seeking a resident and with the idea of being helpful rather than intrusive, I offered assistance and spoke to him from my front veranda. He remained mute, looking at me but unable or unwilling to give an answer. As I repeated the question stressing each word, the woman from flat 10 and another aging female came into view from around the corner of the building. “He’s with me,” one of the woman spat so vehemently as to distort its origin.

The mute male was so ahead of the two women by many metres that he appeared as a separate party, an erroneous impression which was dispelled when the women appeared. He was one half of a new carer team who evidently felt scorn at having his intentions queried by a perceived scoundrel. This fellow and I had never exchanged salutations or met as far as I knew, so we couldn’t have had a fallout. I didn’t understand his aloofness and later concluded that his unexpected attitude came about by accepting the negative hate spiel of his despicable old charge. The unfenced precinct allows strangers to stroll through at will and I don’t hesitate to ascertain a stranger’s intention.

It doesn’t wash with me to condemn an unknown party on the prejudices of anothers opponent and when I am the target of such insularity, I can never understand why it should be so and the integrity of he so affected is open to examination. This gentleman’s dogmatic silence I opined, might also have come about by severe penile damage to the larynx, the trachea and the thyroid.

The two strangers were unknown to me at the time but it soon became apparent they were newly recruited volunteers, or carers who were escorting the aging woman tenant on a regular appointment. In retrospect, the words could have been uttered by the unknown woman and not especially by the tenant. In any case I responded by saying, “I didn’t address you, you troublesome woman.” One of her delightful indulgences is to indicate my desperate odor and smoke deflectors to her associates while ridiculing my olfactory sensitivity and ‘madness’ for trying to deter a myriad of toxic odors being swept into my home by the prevailing winds.

Reaching a great age does not miraculously turn vindictive old shrews into saints or endow them with wisdom. Nor does it absolve them their life-long hate and mean spirit. She hauled a psychosomatically damaged body, and earned only my disdain and disgust. A glaring example for the abortion argument.

Keeping in mind Queensland Housing management encourages fifth column dobbers, her frequent phone calls condemning a neighbor became an irritation and she was warned to quit nitpicking or quit the flat.

The power of the threat at work.

A rare sacrifice by Housing staff ever-ready to grasp at any tiny sliver of slander to build an eviction case against an out of favor tenant. Anecdotally, the vindictive old girl’s constant mind games and war of attrition so depleted her opponent that a move to nearby Wongaburra convalescent home came too late and she died soon after admittance. The recently deceased old nastie learned her hate tactics by observing the unethical Housing code.

My arrival followed the departure and death of the harassed woman, so I became a convenient follow-on kicking boy. Any normal goodwill gesture I made was rejected and sneered at, out of hand. I soon learned that this instant prejudice is Department policy at work by inducing a fear and suspicion of each other. A well oiled fifth column network is actively encouraged and self-asserted individuals who are repelled by the practice are actively demeaned and put down by Housing staff and left to the mercy of Departmental bidders. The malingering old humbug’s detestation of me was fanned by her neighbor of flat 9. There is little about Larry-Pettums that does not offend the judicious.

Swaggering about the place with an uncontrolled arrogance, the bearing of a prison predator, an uneducated, obese and obnoxious mouth, this overbearing stand-over merchant lets the neighborhood know his raison d’etre is to brutalize the locals by taunting them of his presence by playing a few bars of his car’s burglar system on the many occasions during the day he accesses his car. This frequent door opening is a constant reminder that he runs the precinct with Departmental assistance . That is not an idle claim. It is disturbingly true. This person is highly regarded by the Housing Dept For instance, on Nov. 6, 2009 at about 1100 hrs. a male and female from Planning in car reg, 911-QG7 alighted and without hesitation, as though they had done the trip before, went straight to Larry’s flat 9 for consultation. They had been summonsed to review his perceived parking problems and to prepare an improvement plan. Neither I nor other residents, as far as I know, were invited to participate in a parking survey.

Once known derogatorily as an old woman, he is the typical, run-of-the-mill stand-over moron, wanting nothing more in life than to be seen as the controller, aware of all happenings on the block. An insatiable desire to appear a savior of sorts had him ingratiating himself with the locals by insisting he was the Department’s preferred handy-man and knocked on doors with his electric drill hoping to win friends. This desperate move was instigated only after I repaired one of my own ailing pine chairs. Recognition for wise leadership easily eluded him.

Overcoming and contending with the vituperation of one dim and thick dunce quickly lost its appeal, but four or five of his obtuse equals emerged from the wings to return some semblance of evenness and mental stimuli to the game. Still too easy, as pleasant and as degenerate as caviar and bubbly for Easter Sunday breakfast. Six cretins averaging 75 IQ on a good day will never, even collectively, exceed 75. Will never threaten my above average iq, and will approximate it only after my cerebral hemorrhage/ aneurysm.

In reality, this is a low-life delusional manipulator of the weak and malleable who makes no beg pardons for engaging in false vilification to denounce people like me who resist bully-boys. Eight of the twelve tenants fell prey to his subjugation and two joined his cabal. The eleventh resident, a steadfast woman was almost 90 when she died last July. She and I got to trust each other and shopped and did medical appointments and suchlike together and discussed crossword solutions among other things. At the time, the Department was putting pressure on her to declare a $2 a f/n WW2 pension from her first husband or risk having a huge sum added to her rent.

This threat worried her until a daughter sorted it for her. Her bitter old neighbour, Bruce, would bang on their wall to express his disapproval of my visiting her and often paraded nude on their joint veranda before sun-up. Lydia’s daughter can vouch to this, as can I who spotted him early one morning as I made my trek to the service station to buy the CM. One muses if cretinism is obligatory to live a satisfactory life in a Government flat.

The third tenant is a typecast life-long public-housing tenant who lives under the auspices and direction of the Housing Dept. Such a dependent and diffident person as she, is won’t say “boo” for fear lurking Housing spies will come down on her for speaking out and consequently suffer the same intimidation as the nonagenarian. She would shaft an outsider and help tar and feather him, than live in fear of losing the approval of the bullying majority, whether fellow tenant or Housing official. One could envisage her feeling justified in believing the worst of someone she didn’t feel comfortable with, and like Gerry and 90%of the population, expressing independent thought would be on par with understanding the extent of the universe.

Her demanding questioning of me of an elderly residents’ welfare who I assisted in positive ways rankled me somewhat when I know of her own zero input. I don’t aid people in expectation of winning a good citizens award at Christmas. In short, I don’t feel obliged to explain my deeds to a meddling interloper. She is a rather distant woman, her ingrained sour disposition, a barrier to Housing tittle-tattle. She tired of Housing Department giving blessing to bullies and hit the toe recently.

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