I don’t understand how those nut-less ‘reporters’ at the CM can sexually satisfy their partners. If I followed their morale, my conscience would never again allow a hard-on. They use my negative, harmless, non-controversial shit, but run crying to Murdoch when I associate Qld. Housing Department and smoking in a letter.

I love rejection, it seems.

Under this, I drop in my seventeenth unwanted letter to the Courier-Mail on the subject of cigarette smoke in Qld. Govt. flat precincts and the contempt Woodridge Housing staff and the Premier’s Dept proffer the suffering non-smoker.

In rented premises, the onus lies upon the landlord to ensure downwind dwellers are not subject to the debilitating effect of spent cigarette smoke. I am the western-most occupier of east-west flats and given that the prevailing winds are easterlies, the pulmonary and migraine problems from up-wind smokers means the closure of windows, even in summer. I raised the issue at a tenant’s meeting whose spokeswoman assured such stuff didn’t concern her, but she was there to keep us up with the world’s happenings and also to educate the dills on power consumption. A week or so later, an opposition energy salesman was knocking on Housing Department doors drumming-up trade. Explaining that cigarette stink, apart from its offensiveness, was also detrimental to health, I mooted that non-smokers be allocated easterly accommodation or even that entire buildings be declared smoke-free. Her response was that under present legislation such an eventuality was impossible for fear of offending the smoker. Next door caused a ruckus; he made a police complaint against me which was quickly dismissed. Told the tenant spokesperson I’d like to install cctv. to protect my reputation. Can’t do; the offender might be embarrassed.
To the criminal the spoils. The George St. pus rules.



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