The Feds best numbers; sub 100 iq’s.

Such is the Australian psyche of presuming the world needs and loves them that the Federal spin merchants are probably commissioning etchers and die makers to design hero medals to soften the hurtful blow our heroic FIFA hustlers suffered in their lost cause. Every frame of the promo. video was nonsense crap suitable for Australian low-brow eyes only.

The only success of the delegation appears to be Prime Minister influence in having an aging, fellow ham’s ATO fraud charges down-played. I am delighted that the world can’t be bought for a cheap firework-like stunt that Australian politicians use with great success on brain-dead Australian nationals. The force-feeding of the accent by two local actors in the dud film, Australia, was a ploy that failed and killed off any feeling that thinking out-siders might have held for this country.


Take a look.



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