WONGABURRA NURSING HOME…and to other Retirement Residences.

Consider others, please put…site:lesjohns.wordpress.com/…into your search bar.

Living quite near your well-accredited establishment is an aged male person with contemptible personal hygiene. He snots openly and wipes nostril matter on precinct hand railings and walls, and spits on common-area grass.

He has a disarming nude fetish which is practiced pre-dawn on a shared veranda which I witnessed on my early morning paper walk as did the daughter of a former resident of this State accommodation block.

Beaudesert-Browns Plains bus commuters tell of his pestering of women at the terminal and while en route.

Wongaburra management allow this fellow free rein within their complex under the guise of a work-for-food handy-man. I would hope that this seemingly innocuous pursuit requires the same Government clearances and permissions that credited employees are required to possess.

Les Johns.


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