An Inspector Calls…Woe is me!

Most of Queensland’s purloined cash taken by corrupt ps bludgers

Heaven forbid your over-looking the first day of April back in my olden days of primary education, especially if your own devilish mind had dropped its guard while being preoccupied with wreaking embarrassment on others. Falling prey to a trickster meant a lengthy loss of face as most smart-arses tried an encore if the first dastardly deed got laughs. Cut-off time for cheap kicks was noon and for he who after that tried to make a dupe became himself one. That might not apply these days, perhaps it’s been allowed to slip into a day-long event for fear Governments be thought as offending their lame-brain base by depriving the dickheads of their God-given right to always be amused.

You can observe a lot by just watching.

Yogi Berra

Ah, the point-scoring attributes of statistics. I’ve already stuck half of those 8 million Australian illiterates in Queensland’s misnamed public service, where the most cretinous become Housing Commission ‘officers,’ an opportune spot from which to hassle their better principled fellows. This morning I am obliged to permit entry to a party of these unscrupulous dunces under the inspection umbrella. That could cover inspection and maintenance of pin head cameras and audio transmitting equipment, but that aspect is generally tended by QBuild agents. And don’t forget the sheets. They might also be here to cherry-pick the best bits.

Cadre queen Dale, ardent fifth columnist absent still, his spy-chief status absolved of normal requirements. Bonus time? His deeds and shafting destroyed lives and tarnished many others, a satisfactory outcome to please political masters. These stand-over systems can’t work at optimum level unless there is an active fifth column, and laze and gen of Queensland, on this score, they are well organised and know how to cultivate the morally impoverished. Average, every day people like you and me would scoff and snigger at these words, but only the opaque tips are glimpsed.

Kisses, Les.

I run two dated letters from a daily newspaper.

I think something to remember here is that the Bligh government takes all of its actions from the standpoint of supreme self-interest. Whilst these actions/changes are marketed by her and her government as improvements to public life, it has always been evident that the intended consequences are to feather the nests of those brokering such decisions. The concept of freedom is becoming more and more of a daily nonsense – we’re merely living in the illusion of it whilst battling our disgruntlement at excessive state government interventions. Governments trying to be fancy (e.g., the Go Card débâcle among others), does not equate to good or wise governing. Anna Bligh would be wise to take note of public disinterest in her and her poor decisions.
Posted by: spider monkey 19/02/10

The Labor Party in every Australian State has managed to pollute and corrupt both houses Colin, so nothing would be achieved. The cost of setting-up and maintaining a revamped Queensland Legislative Council would divert cash away from the annual bureaucrat payoff. In time and far too late for punishment, history will show that more than half of Bligh's cabinet should have been slotted and that the chief protagonist has a high profile.

Thank you strangers.


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