Pigs Not So Smart To Treat Us As Equals. Churchill Was Close.

In late 2007 there was within me a need for self-indulgence and the new toy was a 26 inch LCD Samsung TV, reasoning that a larger screen would overwhelm a compact flat. Wrong again, I realized much too late after the honeymoon and the pox of pixilations. An earlier mention of the ying and yang effect intruded; as the pix intrusion gradually diminished so too did the time take to get a picture to appear, increase. Ring-arounds brought the usual brush-offs, the Indian instructions of where to take and retrieve the apparatus and etc. I gave all that nonsense the forks and to avoid wear and tear on its start-up innards, I simply left the mother powered-up permanently, the $15 or so added to quarterly power a/c negligible and stress-free.

Lost the Channel Seven stable entirely after appendage stations went full-on and an up-dated set-top box made the same sized analogue the set of choice again, mainly for Seven’s sake, but good for sub-titled SBS material while the loop button on the digital provided two or more programmes to watch simultaneously. That became too much like speed reading with the story recall an impossible, at best patchy merge, perhaps ably practiced by a mensa component, beyond me.

The shitty LCD now out of commission and a saner, one box home restored, the novelty of digital sated. You might well wonder where goeth this rumination but a lame disclosure looms. The bit that intrigued me while multi-tuned was the shared movie themes of 7 & 9, current affairs long known they follow each other to same stories, but even with random, unplanned and unlikely programme choices, the coincidences amusing.

The analogy I strain to make relates to a recent post on this site; to a scheduled midday movie this day of Sunday, and to p. 72 of a local quarto where an example of human cross-breeding with pigs should be used to discourage backblock Beaudesertians of the practice.

Ta-ta, Les.

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