DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING, QUEENSLAND. (Beaudesert Area) Stasi Tactics Suspected.

“Hitler’s Daughters Invade Beaudesert.”

Lanarta Jean!…spent cigarette smoke tops MY agenda.

Lanarta Jean Rides Again…more stasi instructions.

ANSWERS, information, feedback appreciated.

Department of Qld Housing giving me a hard time. Every reason to believe ultra Stasi tactics in use by one with surname close to Dale Woodford, a suspected eviction tenant working in collaboration with obese pushy unpleasant female in the role of fellow tenant, and backed by vindictive Woodridge based QUEENSLAND HOUSING staff. Former or present QUEENSLAND HOUSING tenants with information appreciated. Three mosquito coils so placed to irritate the pulmonary in winter also smells stasi with only imaginary mossies. Would appreciate ping-backs, but won’t click on them.

Can understand the nepotism the likes of heroes with names like Schoutens, Hillhouse, O’Brien, Murphy and other Woodridge employees give relatives an express ticket to the top of a waiting list, and I would have done exactly the same. In the same vein, had I been a Beaudesert copper in my youth, I’d probably still be a slotted predator biffing ‘them what I don’t like, for fun.’

Contending with 4-5 moronic tenants is intellectual stimulus which I relish, but the battle becomes one-sided when similar, above named, IQ deprived and morally corrupt Queensland Housing thugs run the asylum by dispatching messengers with words too unwise to apply to paper or presented orally by phone, what with the proliferation of recording devices. I can understand why adult tenants cower to Woodridge megalomaniacs in a sense. It is little wonder aspiring politicians regard State tenants as shit…most seem to have little moral backbone.

Murphy’s dogs and their fifth column conspirators will jump on the paranoid defence wagon however my words are couched. Woodford claims to be a former resident of assisted living Westminster House, Merrimac, where he could have teamed-up with the aforementioned nasty woman, both seemingly different to the average person. Considering the personal attacks and uneven treatment contained within my hand-written diary, I don’t appreciate being told my imagination is playing tricks. Proving what I know against the well-oiled machinery of Qld. Liberal stasi system is well beyond my resources and Woodridge Housing boy’s own club snigger at windmill tilters.


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