The Beaudesert Sunday Asylum Report.

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Well before the advent of computers in every home, and I know I should be debasing myself writing political copy, an adage by let’s say, Maximus of Backdorus, an old Greek sage, fairly annoyed me at the time when politics was the realm of old fogies. It went something like,” A man not involved in local politics is an idiot.” But, by crikey, forty years on, I think he had something. I am not at all a hateful shit-stirrer, but the stupidity of one’s enemies should be widely known. I know not the subject of the next paragraph who once responded helpfully to me in his official capacity.

A vague misconduct complaint against him seems to my naive political mind, a very thoughtful tactical move by Beaudesert Mayor, John Brent to conveniently withdraw from the race to the sewage end of George Street. As MP for Beaudesert, his ego would have suffered under the control of a local bible-banging, multi-hatted, string pulling puppeteer. Most emphatically not good enough! Brent is his own no-nonsense man and has done well to construct and maintain the untainted image and will enlighten and save Queensland his way.

Saluting and jumping to “Windy” Newman also against the grain and having to eventually utilize emotionally dangerous ‘hate’ would have added to his demoralisation as he went about de-establishing the mouth’s power base. One way or the other, a new member’s reformist zeal sinks as he gradually surrenders and toadies the line, fading with the rest of them into the grey and grim sameness of obedience. Better for the moment, the exciting buzz of Beaudesert Central where Councillors destroy a century old frangipani tree because a cloddish local dummy trips on its huge roots and Queensland Housing does ditto to another ancient tree to appease a favored tenant’s complaints of falling autumn leaves.

But Brent will run the ship one day. Exploring the inherent psychological need to control their fellows makes understanding the universe too easy and after my life’s dealings with unhealthy personalities, find that hating everyone equally a necessary adjunct to impartiality. Love from Les.

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