Replaced Hacked; a working title retained…

On Free Speech And Other Civil Liberties

Was Jefferson a freethinker; H.R.H.Elizabeth a Royalist?

Do you have to be a perceived national security threat to have document files hacked, or can a benevolent sociopath neighbour do it while he awaits the appropriate squirting acid in the face time? Months ago my working file froze, then disappeared entirely. On two consecutive mornings lately, only the current story was lost. Has he honed his IT art? I’m sure to find out!

A current Housing Commission anecdote reflects attitudes that were considered an obsolete relic of the fifties, yet the resurgence of Government endorsed fear tactics means those who choose to ignore the fate of their fellows might soon share their pain and despair:

Visiting a thread in another Queensland Housing ‘accommodation’ precinct to commiserate with a car-less chap obliged to visit Brisbane ATO to refute and clarify false earning accusations, I passed his accuser and another infamous fifth column recruit. Facetiously, I offered them grabs from this harmless little blog and was unreservedly shunned with one saying he didn’t want trouble with Woodridge Housing staff, correctly stressing difficulty getting economical private rent.

As I moved off, he had another thought and took the text only after I had assured him he wasn’t compelled to confess sedition; that the thought police shouldn’t persecute him and to destroy the material and appease his guilt. Little gain in mentioning my notes not in the same league as the Ninety-Five Theses or the Dead Sea scrolls.

This is but one example of Queensland Labor Housing Department dumbing-down and injecting the fear of eviction into their base camp. Labor Party Stasi files, Housing Department files, Hospital Medical files, neighbour’s reports, easily bundled together for perusal by biased and vindictive bureaucrats and other parties. We have regressed to the days of Queensland’s Special Police.


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