Not Another Wasted Sunday Asylum Report?

I write this post ‘ere getting to my dashboard page is forever lost.

I had established by using the buttons on my ultra cheap but adequate set-top box the fault in the $60 Aldi purchase lay with the remote control. Jiggling the batteries didn’t fix the prick, nor did opening and peering at its guts do the trick. It didn’t have an alternative station faculty button, a minor insignificant shortcoming, but a shopping excursion to Browns Plains was soon planned this Sunday morning to replace the whole blooming lot. Topfield looked the way to go again, a product I got to know just a couple of weeks before throwing $860 down the gurgler late 2007 for a 26 inch Samsung LCD. Subsequent dealings with an indifferent retailer proved no resemblance whatever to the much flaunted good guys. Beaudesert counter-jumpers prefer on-the-job meditation than serving to the extent that the false levity of anonymous Browns Plains shop assistants the preferred option.

The Samsung digital remains under 100% happy, so I stoked-up the huge 27 inch Magnavox analogue with a $60 Aldi brand set-top which pulls-in those HD appendage stations. Returned to the remote a few times and this time, by using the noggin and a simple application successfully sorted the problem. Was a bit miffed at being deprived of of a shopping outing but winter rain not conductive to safe driving in a huge dumbed-down environment.

Was good for the heart to see the romantic’s old tear-jerker today,” The Old Man And The Sea,” and in the 1952, “Trent’s Last Case” earlier in the morning, its denouement an old-time masterpiece with the smarty reporter showing the demons how it’s done.

With love, Les.

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