Dear Julien Assuage.

When Assuage got in a similar poo to mine, I had the presumption to compare my imagined predicament with his and offered puny encouragement, all I had, with the pitiful few paragraphs reproduced from Sept 24..

Dear Julian Assuage,

I was indifferent to gay rights and still regard gay marriage as an inexpedient nonsense. There are legalities available to solidify or publicise relationships or to finger an authority no longer a threat to their choice. Revive the practice of issuing banns perhaps? Had same-sex relations continued to be outlawed a la the olden days you, my dear Julian would have been charged with man sex or any charge by which Sweden would amuse the USA. Its all about appeasing the emotional money master.

You are confronted by the long odds these stasi operatives need to succeed in their on-going quest against fair play and justice for the individual, but you’ll emerge triumphant and the absolute joy will sustain you to the last day. I do hope the euphoria that must equal the childlike satisfaction of a new Christmas bicycle restores your hair color. Post Christmas, I’d like you to do a Wiki-job on a band of artless crooks who, without the umbrella of the Woodridge division of the Queensland Housing Department would despair for mummy and daddy in a Wacol goal.

At least Jules, you had access to tangible readable documents. Crooked Queensland Housing employees who have arcane reservations make threats by telephone, and when I closed that avenue the uneducated and ignorant Kymberley despatched a boy Terry, to quote tenancy provisions, which I’m sure don’t include the stipulation that I must accept calls from a boofy Housing serial phone pest or that a recent obstreperous, trouble-making arrival shouldn’t be asked to tone down her very audible mobile phone calls.


Major characters in the 1949 novel. 1984.

Winston Smith – The novel’s protagonist
Julia – Winston’s lover
Big Brother – The dictator of Oceania in the year 1984
O’Brien – A government agent who deceives Winston and Julia into believing that he is a member of the resistance.
Emmanuel Goldstein – A former top member and now opposer of the ruling Party

Keep in mind writer’s prisons, Julien. Bligh, with the Feds are rumored to have ready a special complex to house dissidents. There is a resurgence in Manipulators and malevolence, but you would have been elsewhere detained to notice how unaffected persons don’t really give a rats.

Lament for a lost Australia. Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me.    Les Johns



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