“You have enemies? Good…! That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” 

The Monty Python skit on oldies is under rabid walloper end para 2. Appreciation to Gingerzilla for that. Tongue-in-cheek is an invaluable commodity. Yanks, I understand, are irony-blank.

And no, Laze and Gen of Queensland, before Bligh’s thought police return with reinforcements to cuckoo nest me for the heading of this story, I hasten to add the title came not from my disturbed, excessively introverted “black duck” mind, but from master tactician Winston Churchill a sufferer, with Stephen Fry, of a mental condition known as manic depression who, because his rarefied, untouchable pecking order offered some protection from Government nannies and do-gooders. Public housing tenants like the writer live in constant fear of impending mental incarceration for blog comments too close to the mark. The possibility of electric shock treatment and its permanent memory loss lie before me if authoritative Queensland threats are followed through. So, for the time being; I know nothing, see nothing, feel nothing, and hear nothing, so would you please pass the mushroom and forget the convulsions.

Earlier in the year, an unnaturally high number of ready to publish material went to cyber heaven minutes before it was to be edited. I have theories, imagined of course, which will get some attention later on. I suppose my mental retardation and general stupidity, blessed and normal in a non-public housing society, but condemned as dangerously reactionary in dissenters, caused my doco file to repeatedly crash. (Oh, really?) I urge other similarly affected people with vanishing text to use their email or dashboard draft folder for all writing. I’ve not lost a word since I had the idea. A reluctant doctor visitor, I went to an MD recently and left without an intro letter to a shrink, but this fellow lacks the confidence a two-week introductory course in psychiatry imparts on a rabid walloper in nutter recognition.

Medics diagnose and heal by numbers, or how many visits (bucks) their deep patient concerns can suck out of the gullible. Each and every one of Bligh’s commendable script-writers insist oldies are nuts who are tired and need help. If that’s the case, then I’m presuming the Federal Department for Mental Jobs reward States for their diligence in apprehending these hereto undisclosed potential axe slayers, especially those unpleasant thinking oldies given to using the internet to expose turds and their effect in Queensland Housing.

Remnants of Queensland’s notorious Special Branch tagged me a dark duck for maintaining blog attacks on two particularly accomplished and obnoxious stasi deployed for the time being with the Housing Department to displace an unwanted tenant. Bring down the opponent any which way is the whole deal and I will try to explain the system next post. A uniformed stasi inquisitor presented a convincing argument to quit printing anti-Housing thoughts. The generally accepted freedoms are passe in this State and those young marchers having picnic rallies really have no idea the depth of the devil.

I’d dearly like to hear what my 1960’s mates might have to say about the removal of hard-fought for freedoms. Throughout my blogs, I’ve stressed a 1984 emergence with Bligh’s mind-control methods of retaining the Treasury too extreme. You won’t hear a word of dissent from me though, the denouement of compulsory containment predicted in my story is like, ” Ah, Mr. Doppleganger, at last we meet.” Freedom Lost! The alternative to freedom is shame. My words have been my imagination. Following an enlightened conversation, I am now convinced that I should submit to stupidity for the present. Conspiracy Theory m.s. I can’t use names, or it’s, “Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it’s off to the zap factory you go.” my kicking-boy status frowns on thoughtful observations.

Mike Kaiser retaliates.



2 Responses to ““You have enemies? Good…! That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” 

  1. theGingerZilla (@thegingerzilla) Says:

    Thanks for the link Les, although you are automatically on my suspicion list by virtue of your age. Having said that, I very much like your style as evidenced on the blog (know your enemy had to do research – it’s an age thing and it’s good to know the UK govt are not alone in being suspicious of oldies) 😉


    • Les Johns of Beaudesert. Says:

      “Old age…
      …is the most unexpected of all things that can happen to a man.” And the revolutionary wore the pick-axe while still a youthful 60. It’s only lately that I’ve quit wondering what I should do for a quid when (if) I grow up. Mangling Wilde, every old bastard has earned the hatred he gets. I’ve got unfinished files spread all over the place, a meaningless mess like a madman’s excreta, yet I’m finishing off bio stuff that if put to screen would delight my detractors, for shooting my foot is a way of life, and would disadvantage my anti-Government tilts, an impossible task, in any case, for an aging novice. I have no criminal form and daily bank jobs commonplace, and a depraved pair who raped and tortured their child makes p. 18 in the CM, yet a copper is dispatched to threaten the fear of insanity for dissident blog comments. The blogroll had photo shots purportedly of a Gold Coast internment camp, but it is gone and will find their address and replace. Few care for the future.
      I am pleased as Punch that you acknowledged my email Craig and replied in a positive way. Most don’t find the time. Esp. liked the ‘offending’ advert and your style in general. We have similar tastes, if you’ll pardon the presumption. I admit to my brain-dead status of late and attribute the condition to shifting house, an emotional trauma equaling that of a divorce or of a death in the family, according to some expert cunt. I know that is not true, yet I hesitate to write it up. This is not capitulation to political thuggery, but I would rather do a piece on why yesterday, 600 grams of choice Tasmanian salmon and a red onion disappeared between the shop and home.
      Above this line is the message the postmaster couldn’t transmit and you were coy about names so I searched by putting your failed email name into the bar; revealed many entities which will necessitate a few visits to better understand the
      subject. Earlier I claimed StumbleUpon was the medium through which I found your site, but must retract. Pretty sure now your discovery came about by putting Anti-Qld Govt blogs into the search bar.

      I felt a need to keep the following quoted bit handy:

      “The Baader-Meinhof phenomenon is a form of synchronicity.
      The Baader-Meinhof phenomenon occurs when a person, after having learned some (usually obscure) fact, word, phrase, or other item for the first time, encounters that item again, perhaps several times, shortly after having learned it.”

      And wonder about shared matter like age, salmon and pheromones and even the gadfly, theme music decades back to a British TV spy agent and his exploits, which was playing even as I found its tag on your site. The unpublishable stuff obliquely referred to which my foes would love to have for backup ammunition include the delirious effect well tuned pheromones have on the loins.
      I go now to night infirmary. All the best, Les Johns.


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