not martyrs but dickheads!

Even though most Australians try to bust the,”she’ll be right” barrier which the Qld Govt. promotes as acceptance of an ordered society, sociopath parents rape and torture their children, depraved women eat body parts, and that was de rigueur in Queensland before Hannibal, Lambs and Anthony Hopkins popularised the practice. A consideration for fellow drivers no longer a mantra. A road-safety piece on this indifference, hate almost, of fellow motorists strongly hinted that a confrontational police attitude is returned to them in spades and this aspect could do with an official look.

The world-wide matriarchal experience is clearly not working and in Queensland, Bligh is a prime example of behind the scenes, sneaky (smug) ? bureaucrats rorting and running the system to suit. These white-collar suspects must be brought to account by putting them on show where their public antics can be transparent. I try forlornly, to bring the deeds of these miscreants to the attention of interested parties through this website,

Crass people should be reminded often of their repulsiveness. mobile motor-mouths head the list:

Megatroid Mania wrote: “There’s nothing wrong with using your cell in any other car. I don’t see a difference between talking to a person sitting next to you, and talking on your cell phone.”

Would that there were, in fact, no such difference. Alas, both scientific research and nearly universal anecdotal evidence confirm that not only do a great many people who insist on inflicting others with their endless cell phone prattle, in fact, do so more loudly than they would converse with someone seated next to them, but the mere fact that only half of the conversational information is available to those so put upon is sufficient to make such annoyances far more difficult to ignore. (The brain is evolved to try to piece together the missing information, which it infers from the cadence and emotiveness of the singular conversant. It does not react the same way, for instance, to someone reciting a monologue.)
My personal opinion is that those who pretend that their extended cell phone use in such situations “ain’t no thang” are likely to be borderline narcissists, at the very least. Personally, I’d have given serious consideration to throwing her bodily out a window. On the general principle that her rudeness disproved her humanity.
Lakeysha Beard ended up being escorted off the train by friendly Oregon police officers and charged with disorderly conduct.
It seems that several announcements from the train staff didn’t quite do the trick of tearing her away from her cell phone. It seems that then she became embroiled in what was described by the police as a “verbal altercation” with other passengers, whose Sudoku games she had, perhaps, disturbed.
I haven’t been on an Amtrak train for a while, but apparently they have cell phone charging stations, as well as no official policy on cell phone use.
Still, don’t most humans know when they’re getting on someone’s nerves? Perhaps not in every case. As MSNBC reported, Beard herself felt “disrespected.”
Can someone please invent a phone that drowns out the speaker’s voice for everyone except the person at the other end of the call? That would surely be easier than social engineering.
Chris Matyszczyk

Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today. James Dean



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