People With Principle And Guts.

“Infamy! Infamy! They’ve Got It In For Me.”

The acropolis is one of the most recognisable icons of Greece and is a good representation of Classical Greek culture and a well-heeled consortium would probably hand over three or four billion for it which could be used wisely like restoring Greek pensions; shipped to the States to join the Queen Mary at Long Beach, or more appropriately, London Bridge in Arizona. Entire castles have been bought from tottering estates, cut into numbered pieces and reassembled to become homes for the well-to-do and tourist venues.

The nanny-state mentality is stuffing this and every country locked into its practice. Greece is today’s model of Australia twenty years hence. Much sooner if primary exports fall over. Mandatory, State-enforced helplessness; compulsive compliance of nannyism is not helping the independence of unconscionable oldies like me in conflict with a State Government which throws millions into ‘aren’t we caring and considerate’ look-good, anti-smoking advertising, but behind the bull-dust, an entirely different scenario. Throughout life I’ve striven to sort-out my own problems, an early manifestation of the ‘trust no one’ philosophy, I expect. Being extraordinarily perceptive which means my excreta detector was well-honed, I quickly learned that deceit was the template of health and similar industries and I regard their practitioners as poxed and avoid them as I would the plague.

The above letter was used by a New York paper; the under, a follow-up to crits of my terminology:

I applaud the positive aspects a welfare state offers. Students know that Australia’s equivalent to the Democrats introduced assistance to those in need and the aged in the late 1800’s, a vote winner that the rest of the world had to embrace. My discontent stems from the state’s inability to differentiate between assistance and sheet-sniffing. I identified and made known without infringing Orwellian libel laws, two operatives assigned to discredit and move-on out-spoken public-housing tenants and forty posts later an uniformed policeman called to advise a mental evaluation test should shut me up. An ambulance or mortuary van await us all, and until either is summoned to me, all I want from the government is the fortnightly drop into my account and their absence.

“He neither walks with the multitude nor cheers with them. The observer-writer who is a real writer is a rebel who never stops.

Einstein on Solitude:

Solitude is painful
when one is young,
but delightful
when one is more mature.
I live in that solitude
which was painful in youth,
but seems delicious now,
in the years of maturity.

It has really all been said before and I’ve been one of the lazy, else occupied, ennui-tied bulk whose been only too happy to have others bat for him at the cost of self-respect, yet I never was of studious bent reasoning that poring over the writings and discoveries of my antecedents to rearrange them in such a way as to get praise and degrees, constituted plagiarism, so I amuse myself by using the wisdom, with acknowledgements, of others who generally presented it well.

In her defence of capitalism, Rand’s philosophies made huge books and huge readership. As with the Bible we pick bits to suit the occasion, and though the opening paragraph of this post was used in a compilation recently, “Good People…” the determination that drove good and decent people, much like you and me, to be arrested the other day at Kerry, near Beaudesert for defending their country, is true gut and I would like to believe their actions have been officially noted with recommendations for exceptional bravery in the face of adversity.

“Give me six lines…”

The urgency shown by top-level bureaucrats in the Queensland system to allow land and environment desecration at Kerry, near Beaudesert with back-up police presence to intimidate decent citizens shows how the genuine, well-meaning ardour of young police cadets is quickly corrupted and moulded to suit the nefarious back-door manipulations of State. In quite a short time after enlisting, their zestful guile exits the alimentary as programmed zombies. Late night viewers of the quirky 1960’s Avengers would have seen the suave Steed and Mrs Peel vie with replicas of these wacko Oxley automations. Latter-day Cromwellian zealots have had ample ego polishing, some training or understanding of the ways of good people can’t be in the curriculum except for the bit that Cardinal Richelieu shared with his reformer soul-friend that went something like,”Give me six lines written by the most honourable of men, and I will find an excuse in them to hang him.”

Man dies in custody, Blue Mountains The Daily Telegraph,

Man dies in NT police custody The Australian,

Man dies after police speeding caution Adelaide.

Man dies after speeding caution Courier Mail,

This is Queensland, Australia, 2012.



One Response to “People With Principle And Guts.”

  1. theGingerZilla (@thegingerzilla) Says:

    I didn’t know they were after the Acropolis as the cost of export would be prohibitive with rising fuel costs despite the recent plunder of Carthage. I had however heard from Maximus that they were haggling with the Greek Tithe masters in the hope of gaining a few Islands since Greece hasn’t got anything else of worth these days. This is shown by the massive increase in children being left with priests – the mind boggles. The Catholic Church in this country (and many others over the pond I hear) have been praying for such moments of deliverance (bleshh you my son and could well be behind the austerity crashing of our economy. It could also be people wanting to pay astronomical prices for a bit of deconstructed steak and kidney pie a la Masterchef ( I keep saying these people lack imagination. Imagine how much gold such money could buy and how happy the Kraken would be. The Greeks used to know how to appease him until the Romans under Senators such as Biggus Dickus led them astray. Alas, such elusive economic strains are beyond the feeble minds of us mere mortals.

    The anti-smoking smoking stance you speak of reminds me of the racism outrages in the Bastard Isles. You are not allowed to say certain words because that is racist, whereas blowing the holy crap out of brown people is defending freedom from French fries – as is owning shares in companies that increase deficits and body parts. All we can but do is bleed – I hear blood is great for the ratings if Zombies are anything to go by.


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