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English: View of the Acropolis from Lykavittos...

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(@thegingerzilla) commented on People With Principle And Guts.

I didn’t know they were after the Acropolis as the cost of export would be prohibitive with rising fuel costs despite the recent plunder of Carthage. I had however heard from Maximus that they were haggling with the Greek Tithe masters in the hope of gaining a few Islands since Greece hasn’t got anything else of worth these days. This is shown by the massive increase in children being left with priests – the mind boggles. The Catholic Church in this country (and many others over the pond I hear) have been praying for such moments of deliverance (bleshh you my son http://gingerzilla.blogspot.com/2008/09/blesssshh-you-my-schun-binge-drinking.html) and could well be behind the austerity crashing of our economy. It could also be people wanting to pay astronomical prices for a bit of deconstructed steak and kidney pie a la Masterchef. I keep saying these people lack imagination. Imagine how much gold such money could buy and how happy the Kraken would be. The Greeks used to know how to appease him until the Romans under Senators such as Biggus Dickus led them astray. Alas, such elusive economic strains are beyond the feeble minds of us mere mortals.

The anti-smoking smoking stance you speak of reminds me of the racism outrages in the Bastard Isles. You are not allowed to say certain words because that is racist, whereas blowing the holy crap out of brown people is defending freedom from French fries – as is owning shares in companies that increase deficits and body parts. All we can but do is bleed – I hear blood is great for the ratings if Zombies are anything to go by.



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