Answers To Some Queries. After The Lord Mayor…

A reader who could be in some sort of strife asked;

how can i write a letter to talling what has been happining since i left on the trail

You’ll have to elaborate somewhat, Pet, or confide in a friend.
This query from chappie eager to satisfy an awakening curiosity.

we hope to engender paranoia uk policie in dundee courier april 2011 – what protocols do they use to achieve a nervous breakdown and psychiatric reprisal (sic)

If you were able to get your cryptic comment to web without assistance, you of dubious worth, could indulge in self-discovery and stick either Oedipus or pederast,or indeed both, into your search bar.

And a request from an up and coming 1984 fan.

george orwell boot face

Try clicking Brainy Quote. Should work.

Hope have been of assistance and have enjoyed hearing from you,

Love, Les.



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