Australian Deep-thinking.

View of beach at Surfers Paradise with skyline.

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Bitumen Around A Parked Car. We Must Be In Queensland.

This action is evidence of the Government encouraged strategy of ‘let your bureaucrats do your thinking’ is working well. Can a philosophic, educated writer do a short piece explaining why a brain-dead Australia is preferred. There might not be a devilish, Machiavellian plot to bring this about, it could be the plebs way of thought, that following the words and actions of their politicians is the way to immortality or whatever it is they expect from life. Let school-kids know they don’t have to be one of the herd. Eighties football mouth and one-hit wonder, entertainer, Mark Jackson, encouraged handicapped kids with, “I’m An Individual,” If these lyrics were used in a similar promotion today, I imagine officialdom would dismiss them as subversive and pull it from the air.

Two Stasi Hate Merchants.



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