Too Contentuous For A Metro Paper.

For the life of me, I can’t understand the confrontational attitude of those letter-writers who spit chips when a publication won’t run their print stuff. A refusal probably covers a million reasons including exaggeration. A knock-back for me is an accepted norm and if I think the subject needs getting out of the system, will drop the rejected letter into this little site, usually with an explanation and extension. The irritation is out of my mental space and might attract the attention of three or four clickers, a couple more than a Courier Mail cyber letter might garner. The tit for tat childishness of both long-established political observers and kiddie cyber-journalists has left me with a regard for print scribes who stick by inherent beliefs and avoid the five second Tweet mentality. The under letter relates to accusations of political people favouring opponents because their names are in the “follow” Facebook list.


Australia 2009

Australia 2009 (Photo credit: stoofstraat)

Most of those I “follow” on Twitter are for quick and easy access, not at all because I favour them. Envious, or otherwise affected individuals bring down a myriad of accomplished, thoughtful decent men like Negus and Akermanis to make way for the lazy, half-baked mundane minds of internet boof-heads.I have no truck with workplace trysts providing the afters cigarette smoke drifts down-wind. Laming now realises being on the right does not guarantee immunity from the consequence of the enemy within the tent, or the malicious fifth column. There is a difference. Two ASIO operatives brag on TV the ease by which the integrity of innocents is destroyed without the possibility of answering to their crimes, then snigger in the re-telling of the covert use of skeleton keys. Is the populace up in arms at being treated like imbeciles? Not at all. They love it. It’s the price of democracy! The ineptitude of Queensland Police frighten and demean innocent passers-by, but that’s ok, it’s democracy. It is a very similar democracy as used by Infamous blackmailing FBI cross-dressing boss, Hoover, to get and secure a life-time job, and to continue blackmailing U.S. legislators for most of his long tenure. It’s reassuring to know these stunts wouldn’t be tolerated in the county of fair play, Australia, is it not?



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