A Letter From Les

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My place of abode is in an unfenced Government flat precinct on Beaudesert’s
northern outskirts. Most passers-by assume the 1950 circa army camp buildings are part of the Wongaburra Convalescent Home and its inhabitants their sedated, tame inmates. While the assumption is not correct, it isn’t totally wrong either. From a distance, we are the average unpretentious and drab, end of life, uneducated, boring working class yobbos, a microcosm of suburbia worldwide but yuck, over fifty-five and old; an age well beyond the tolerance expectations of Bligh’s crooked own-interest Housing fiddlers.

The mental home analogy is on-track at least. Woodridge Area Housing Staff collude with the Beaudesert, crime-soft, police-backed RSL for a covert and seamless take-over of this precinct to accommodate their profusion of life-long, brain-dead, marijuana users. The aptly and delightfully sur-named Victoria, a long-time RSL flunky and NLP dupe, maintains…

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