Here Is My Secret.

It is very simple:

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
My Dear Friend,

Oldies understand your displeasure at having to feign concern for such a despised and lazy section of oxygen wasters as the aged, but we enjoy your anguish. The general disinterest in a backward country slitting its own children’s throats having lower precedence than the ego of petty Tweet queens justifies my loathing of fellow beings. A few Parliamentary crocodile tears from diplomacy-conscious countries seems enough to appease the collective conscience of the few Australians who have heard of Syria. Banishing a couple of emisseries would make al-Assad reconsider the mass homicide of his people? That’s another delusion shattered, me thinking only USA and Indonesia were required sucking. Am glad it’s not about oil.

Post Pol Pot Cambodia with its photos of precisely sorted and uniformly stacked skeletal remains is a reminder of Western lameness. And then the Jewish ‘solution’ comes to mind. Rather than learn from it, history demands every era repeat past errors. It must be natural selection at work, something like the rainforests stinging nettle usually having an antidote thistle nearby, that astute minds like Tolstoy and Dickens rise to the surface to record man’s inhumanity.

That’s just about it, Mum. I started off about some furkerken thing, think it was about that damn kid down the road. Ennyway, all the best old love and don’t forget to take the bandicoots out of the freezer. You’en Dad, Mabel and me will have a bonzer stew tonight. It’s getting brass-nut time again, innet? Love, Les.



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