“Goodness, How Sad Is Our Australia.”

It is no use to blame the looking glass if your face is awry.


The user’s manual that came with this product assumes the purchaser has prior knowledge of setting-up this type of toy. It soon became clear to this Luddite that the supplied instructions were meant for tec professionals so I Googled the product code and got helpful, easy and adequate advice from geerz on HelpOwl Thank you unknown, informed friend.


It might be of mild interest to you Craig, that the inspiration for some of the material on your expose of despicable old bastards responsible for the woes of the world ran as mid-day movie recently. In contemporary Australia and Britain, retaliating old ducks would certainly be admonished if not gaoled for defending themselves and the young offenders, well compensated and kidded to. Could never understand the reverence given the dead cockatoo sketch, although later jokesters muchly improved on it. The Python team’s writing talent was pure visionary genius, hard to see being improved upon in today’s bureaucratic suppression of both mind and body.

The “special” powers awarded police during that nonsense in your town is so Orwellian-reminiscent as to be frightening. A similar but less spectacular two or three days of bullshit is scheduled for this town two years hence, puffing up the dignitaries of great importance. ASIO will be recruiting more guttersnipes to smell our sheets, classify the pubes and monitor citizens communications. Blogs authored by critical oldies like this one will disappear overnight with its scribe, and not a soul will give a rats arse or even know.

When I’ve broached and compared my experiences to Gulag as being a microcism of the wider picture, the reaction has been one of sneers and accusations of paranoia, as if that was a crime against the state. Perhaps it is unofficially. I’ve found prescience a commodity as essential to survival as oxygen, and that foreknowledge makes the common copper uncomfortable when confronted by it. In Queensland, the State policeperson who visited me after I disclosed and spoke disparagingly of two fifth column agents, felt obliged to murmur darkduck after I disclosed that I was quite comfortable with my own company. Those whose presence is not feared by authority may entertain such notions it seems, but for an ugly old up-himself blogger, quite unacceptable and intolerable.

The ultimate elimination of the oldie is the driving force behind your blog Craig and perhaps you would appreciate some of the stuff practiced in stealth by the Australian Government. My blog silence and later references to Gulag was inspired by the police visit and his promise of a “mental evaluation.” It is coercive, summary punishment for mentioning disparagingly their spook agencies. The victim, a retired gentleman, ergo troublesome and unbelievable. I am not at all brave, and need to keep my driver’s licence so I followed his advice and shut up. So much for my self-respect. But the hell with it, better I fade in incarceration than by shame, that the stupidity of my antagonists be known.

Local cops had a demarcation spat with the motor cycle fraternity and were given extra powers to do them over, their already vast resource not enough. Police publicity advised the public to dob-in and deplore the bikie element. I had contempt for this moronic group, kidding themselves they were free spirits etc when in fact they were so clearly dominated by a hierarchy and a militant system as to be beneath contempt. They kept to themselves, or to the point, didn’t cause me any inconvenience so rightly, I have no fear of them, I do however fear the police who enter my home and menace my well-being by threats to my independence with instructions on how to think.

Elected representatives more so this era the chess pieces of manipulating Department heads on whom they are most dependent when first elected. By the time new Ministers get a hang of things, it’s too late, they’re locked-in and have become pawns of their respective Department Head. Generous annual handouts of the people’s money as a keep quiet salve embeds the freeloader status of these Department Heads and the bribe becomes accepted as norm. Authoritarian rule has become de rigueur but gutlessness in those best equipped to delve into this unsavory misuse of democracy has also become the rule.

After local TV showed warring Qld Housing Commission tenants having a biff, inspired in part by  Queensland Housing Commission staff bias, I emailed the program’s producer offering my surreal experiences by Housing staff, but the prospect of being depicted as a beaten old codger appalled me and I pulled out despite having aroused their interest.

Too many problems and items of interest occur or are manufactured by the minute, that switching off and ignoring the ‘news’ seemed the best panacea, but didn’t work for me bringing only chronic and soul-destroying ennui. The growing discomfort and realization that I was becoming my banal, yobbo neighbour spurred a recovery of sorts and being a typical selfish old fart will impose my dreary droning on you. After SBS did a piece on the British Government’s indifference to the displacement of its citizens, with a reminder of Beijing’s pre-Olympic home destruction frenzy, I savvy why  sanctioned corporate greed so irked you and other commentators.

In the early days of radio broadcasting, cricket aficionados employed by the ABC were innovative enough to bring a feeling of reality to their overseas match commentry by tapping a pencil on the broadcaster’s desk to simulate bat against ball while the commentators relayed the happening on the field to his listeners from information coming to him via earphones.  With leggo olympics having a similar effect, that simulation of the games should do away with one channel hogging broadcasting rights.

Your impartial media, little different to our shared, but perfect Anglo-Saxon heritage, has been loud and persistent in its Olympic glorification and the lauding of bubble-wrapped youth whose altruistic nature impels self-sacrifice for their country’s glory. What grand patriotic heroes we have in our midst. Prepared stories are pulled from the files adjacent the bereavement puff and is used as cheap fillers and revives in me an irritating alimentary itch. I too, am a patriot and my parochial and provincialism impels me to make a few observations:

Gillard, the lady PM of Australia doesn’t really have much to do with the inner workings of the great southern land, and ditto Abbott should he gain the titular title. The self-important mouth of Queensland doesn’t run that State neither, nor will his successor whose appearance will be sooner than later. The real string-pullers with the grease-can are career Bureaucrats who interpret and mould the law-maker’s wishes to suit their own egos and intent and whose deceit condones multi $K annual bonuses for the officially accepted policy of pretence.

You Craig, have inner knowledge of these top-level masters of deception whose directives are carried out by specially trained starry-eyed believers of the cause ever ready to report on idle home and work chatter under the guise of national security. Hitler’s odious thugs reported on friends and family when not intimidating them and it worked well enough to keep him in the top job for a decade or so. The practice should have died with the Führer but snitches working under the guise of protectors easily fool a community that has lost the power to think through a problem.



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