ABC 24 Capital Hill. Malcolm and Mark Discuss Social Media.

Just watched an ABC 24 programme, Capital Hill which, given its time slot of 0530 hrs, is probably a rerun. The discussion, apart from the chair, was a friendly between Labor’s Mark Butler and Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull’s persona is that of a pleasant, entertaining and intelligent chap, honed no doubt to fit his political image. I took comfort from his value of solitude assertion and would liked to have had him beside me when a Queensland police senior sergeant called to remind me my anti-government blog comments could lead to a failed mental evaluation test and with it, loss of all liberties. My aside that I was very comfortable with myself induced a learned sneer, dark duck.

“I’m going over your stuff tonight and we’ll see just how intellectual you are. If there’s something I don’t like, I’ll be back.” Fair dinkum! I am forever conceding my dimness to the world. And the lawman’s boast was not idle. It was too easy to track 78 hits that night to him or to his agents. I await his return, but shit Malcolm, where were you when I needed you?



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