Too Many Queen-rats Spoil The Broth.

Using the 1962 novel King Rat to agitate an indifferent readership differs from actual reporting but I understand senior Courier Mail journalists have to beat their own drum. Really astonishing stuff like P.M. Holt’s drowning in 1967, P.M. Whitlam’s sacking six years later, and America’s rash of assassinations are off the agenda these days. The Sacking joined Australia lore and became one of those, “Will never forget where I was…” recollections

I and other Telegraph delivery drivers were at the old Bowen Hills loading docks where a new front page to cover the event was being knocked up, agog at the enormity and the consequences of Kerr’s unprecented act of sacking a Government. It’s little wonder today’s “journalists” have scant regard for their craft with fewer happenings to get excited about. Kiddie “journos” have Twitter to inflate a dull life, leaving senior writers with every right to jazz-up a pedestrian story.

The street talk following Holt’s last dive at Cheviot Beach went beyond Chinese submarines and on to the very stuff that helped sack former House Speaker after his staffer and he had a fallout. Back then, gay men didn’t advertise personal relationships.

Being a misogynist has not yet been legislated against, yet every Canberra “man” must now fear the tag. One comes across deceptive, ill-manered women in every walk of life who allow their confrontational instinct take control of their reasoning. It wouldn’t be right to put Prime Minister Gillard in the harridan basket.

Her political opponent, Abbott, will be sacked if he loses to Gillard next election and explains somewhat his selective memory. One expects a Rhodes Scholar to have a better attuned memory than to almost reiterate the besmirching by an unpleasant radio commemtator that the recent death of her father could be attributed to his shame of her. NYT



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