Clive Palmer Annoys The Annointed.

William Bligh

William Bligh (Photo credit: sarflondondunc)

If Mr Clive Palmer shares my prescience, and I suspect he does, he is bound to be appalled by like things. His objection of Feeny as a man most likely comes from Parliament’s cameras that often caught the then Opposition Leader under intense verbal attack by Bligh’s reviled Housing spokesman, and whose only retaliation was ‘to scuttle for his political funkhole.’ Reborn as Deputy Leader, his exposed bravado differs little from his former self and could well be alienating those around him. Jibes and comment from one naturing an embedded grudge brought about by years of public humiliation champs at the bit to get square any which way and finds the safety of a parliamentary hyena pack the ideal platform. To be blackballed by the likes of the NLP can’t be too bad a thing to have on the cv. CM



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