If It’s Queensland, It Must Be On The Nose.

AWM Caption: Three Australians of the 45th Bat...

AWM Caption: Three Australians of the 45th Battalion (Australian Company) Royal Fusiliers in North Russia in 1919. About 200 former members of the AIF served with the British Army in North Russia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sixty years ago, Australians feared the commies were about to overrun the country leaving women and children ravished, the men slaughtered, or having uncouth Ruskies hanging out of anything that moved. Nothing happened, none of us got lucky. Apart from our pure European bodies, water taps were also in their sights, the Red savages believing that by simply jamming these items into walls, plentiful water would gush forth. We waited in vain for a takeover and what with the nuclear cloud a constant threat, food hoarding was recommended and even today I store enough tinned and dried products for a few months and then would have joined the mob to rape and take at will. That lifestyle has became de rigueur in any case.

Unfortunately for the expertise of the fear-mongers, peace came and stayed and stayed. But hang on, the sooth-Sayers turned their attention to China whose “dragon was arousing” and countless millions of them, with swags and woks at the ready were more than ready to make future Aussies slitty-eyed. Didn’t happen, not en masse anyway. Becoming blaise now about invasion, I was less than ready to accept the finger-licking eating style of S.E.Asians and didn’t care to lose my cutlery. But next came Indonesia looming big as the next potential enemy. Their maps had Australian and PNG place names in their script which by the constricted official thinking forever endemic, meant that invasion was imminent. Did not the Japs print invasion notes, which later become souvenir collectables?

But the real enemy back then was not visible, many of them not even swinging in the nut sac. Today, they have evolved as a form of fifth columnist, agents provocateur certainly, Judas-goats perhaps, answerable to and reporting back to apparatchik-like heads, whose pedophilia was kept quiet provided they passed information about ‘dissenting’ fellow Housing Commission tenants perceived as anti-government or who could be exposed as “cold case” type crims. Still very much active in this field is a high-camp puppeteer doing the North NSW circuit, access to children guaranteed per his theatrical interest.

You would have noticed Craig, how in a few words those tiny AAP fillers can be mines of information. A recent story from the Mother Country appeals to a droll humor whereby an English woman went to trial and was fined $170 for calling her NZ neighbour a “stupid fat Australian bitch”. The fracas was described as ‘a racially aggravated public disorder’. Bollicks, bullshit and stupidity will always find a way.



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