A letter to the gingerzilla and a couple more.

English: Kevin Rudd (right) and Julia Gillard ...

English: Kevin Rudd (right) and Julia Gillard (left) at their first press conference as leader and deputy leader of the Australian Labor Party on 4 December 2006. Français : Kevin Rudd (à droite) et Julia Gillard (à gauche) à leur premier conférence de presse en tant que leader et député du parti travailliste australien le 4 décembre 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quite enjoyed the irony in the parable from updated bible. My curiosity for such reading petered out. Sensitive men sure cop shit for showing contempt for the herd mentality when they follow their instinct and act from the heart. You’re right,of course,the intrinsically corrupt and weak Liberals spoil whatever they touch, have few valid arguments on which to win an election, and rely on supposition and guesswork. One does that when one has no say, much like bloggers and tweeters.

I’ve made the hashtag #lastchancetony as a reminder to opp. front benchers of the feather-duster mode that hangs, Damocles-like, above the backbench parliamentary seats of losers. This despicable specie of Australia Liberal dismiss a court ruling to keep an issue simmering till next election. The Labor Govt goes well by world standards but will join the Europe shit-heap when China fucks-up.

I was unhappy when Gillard shafted Rudd and became PM, but unhappier still when so many of her colleagues deserted her and became seemingly an adjunct of the opposition. Whether she knows or cares, I support her on twitter, but not at the ballot box where the Secular Party, if I can find them on the Senate ticket, gets my nod.

Human nature and pride have done it since year one, but if only these factions could steady the reins till after the election before they draw the knives!

In relation to the proposal that the George Street Looters Club be demolished.

A disproportionate amount of female employees fell to cancer whilst employed at the Toowong office of the ABC. The building was abandoned after this inexplicaple phenomenon escaped rational explanation and the vague term “cancer cluster” came into use to describe the condition. I wonder if a similar scourge is not at work at 100 George Street where politically afflicted persons soon develop personality aberrations and fall under the spell of a “megalomania cluster” which might permit attention by the Deen company. (Infamous destructors of historic sites under Joh’s patronage.)

And Origin Energy, whose CEO trough-take is about $8M.

Be brave, summer has come, take a cold shower.I disabled my HWS and “saved” $38 last quarter. Few of my contempories go to that extreme, but none of them are adversely affected by so-called carbon tax.



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