“Never Tell The Truth To Those Unworthy Of It.”

Film location plate presented by ABC TV to the...

Film location plate presented by ABC TV to the Stapleford Miniature Railway which is still in use today. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Very thoughtful and decent of you to replace your profile picture with image of your hero battling away in the Commons for a pension increase. I used my kinder pic. to remind the universe the Johns resurgence stays with a vengeance until all tribes are fused and equalised by the introduction of Kraken spunk. Your tremor experience no doubt emanates from Eastern parts of Aus. Be brave, it is atonement for all that Mayan crap that starved for ideas media masturbaters polluted us with. Or (what’s that one about never starting a sentence with a pr…) the two Sydney-based nurse killers, who are laughing at this free publicity, now set up for life. Straight out of The Avengers Steed and Mrs. Peel.

The other day, a woman who occasionally shares the platonic time of day with me, dropped as honest an opinion of me that I’ve had up-front for decades. The effect was akin to a fundamentalist sibling dropping the f-bomb at the Christmas table and can happily die now ensconced in the warm afterglow of being self-opinionated.

A Google check sated the ego, obviating a dictionary affirmation. Had she prefixed with totally however, the picture would have been much harsher and judgemental. Worse than self-absorbed I believe, on parity with the most adamant of earth’s know-alls. Megalomania which has slipped into common usage for the much obvious, excludes many of us only because we lack the weapons of ‘mass destruction’ to support our ideas.

In another era, self-deprecating jokes was an accepted form of humor and in a vain attempt at resurrecting the genre, was about to say how I have to hesitate few seconds as I exit the yard to get my bearings but realised that Queensland’s thought police would alert the mental evaluation mobiles to apprehend me as suspect Alzheimer, but had I been a few years younger, that would have been my segue or analogy to excuse my blog-sites, bound to stay like this forever in an antediluvian past.

You might recall some time back Craig, I had reduced net services and lost twitter for a while was because I gave ABC iview, or catch-up a hiding which ate into my “bandwidth.” That completes my tech nous. DTV is not new to me. I was one of those early snobs who paid $860 for a set, now $240, that died just before I moved to a late conversion area 70 ks from the city, now on stream. In the antipodes mate, in relation to your ovine comment, sheep expect human sexual intervention before a slit throat.



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