Australian Breakfast TV Stinks. Dreary Drivel.

Photograph of Malcolm Turnbull, New South Wale...

Photograph of Malcolm Turnbull, New South Wales Liberal politician. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those two ABC 24 breakfast “presenters” are almost too bloody childish for words, bar every view they offer agitates the piles to bleeding. Their ABC masters evidently want practicing Sunday School teachers to entertain adults. The  gee whiz, isn’t that shocking? approach is vomit-inducing, as is commercial TV. Such is the dearth of decent morning tv entertainment that I’m playing “rainy day” videos. It must be time to visit Jesus.

Until the Australia Day hyperbole gush when she breathlessly lauded Australians citizens, in classic doublespeak, their ‘mateship and loyalty’ (sic) having only days earlier put the death knell on a well-regarded NT Senator in favor of an aboriginal woman, I had defended the Australian PM on twitter, simply because the opposition supporters unintelligent twitter comments seemed without challenge from her own side. Had the PM possessed any mate instinct she wouldn’t have considered for a fraction of a second shafting Rudd and when her party reaffirmed their support for her, I went along with the farce, very sore though at having my integrity pulped. A Federal Labor win seemed possible two weeks ago, but that’s well and truly gone. Should fortune again favor the dumb and Labor wins under Gillard’s stewardship, Rudd’s couldn’t risk  having another tilt at usurping the lady. I’m retiring from this nonsense and returning to the sanity and safety of the Secular movement.

Bob Ellis declared decades ago, the stupidity of your enemies should be widely known, but if I’ve erred and it wasn’t his quote, please attribute its origin to the great Alexandra. While my most voracious critics can be found under the family sunshade, this post is more about politicians and their fat cat permanent heads obvious assumption that the electorate should be penalized for being minus IQ and ergo won’t notice when the system shits on them. Herewith please find inane comments by a former Kogarah Councillor. They are hollow and empty-headed, hateful and unintelligent, yet are about the average for a political party who consider themselves custodians of the Treasury and the rightful rulers of the country. Make of them what you may.

The first twitter comment under comes from a selfish NLP ninny who plays on the emotions of Australians who have been flooded or burnt out of their homes. After the heartbreak, most of these people will recover materially because of the fortune of their birthright. The souls he condemns are abandoned to their own desperate clinging to the sea’s flotsam.

And I ask would you vote for the mental runt who pens such Conservative thinking as the Twitter trash hereunder?

Mike Ahern@Mikeah44 1h

If @Juliagillard is so bloody wonderful why do I wake up angry every day? Get rid of the misanderous bitch. Have an election !

Mike Ahern@Mikeah44

This is the sort of arrogant bitch that @juliagillard is ! Why would you vote for this animal ?

Mike Ahern@Mikeah44

@juliagillard people of Gayndah more important than asylum seekers. You spend $Bs on them what are you going to do about this situation?

Mikeah44Mike Ahern

Notice @juliagillard is always surrounded by girls in her photo’s she mustn’t like boys. Lots of old boys don’t like her either.

Mike Ahern@Mikeah44

Does this mean I can’t slam @juliagillard anymore on twitter ?…

Mike Ahern@Mikeah44

Go back on holidays please @juliagillard the past month has been wonderful without you

Mike Ahern@Mikeah44

@JuliaGillard GIVITH & @JuliaGillard WILL TAKETH if Labor parliamentarians don’t tow her line. Get rid of her boys before she gets rid of Ye

Mr Denmore ‏@MrDenmore 9m

@Mikeah44 Charming. Time to up your dose of dementia medication, I suspect.

Malcolm Turnbull ‏@TurnbullMalcolm

Saw this jellyfish in the Harbour today – anyone know its species and whether normally present in these waters?

Ahead are snippets from the nations users:

*Coalition frontbencher Christopher Pyne earlier today said the Federal Government is unraveling like Hitler’s Third Reich in the movie Downfall.Courier Mail

*THE Coalition would be sure to win September’s election if Malcolm Turnbull was leader, independent MP Tony Windsor says.

*Mr Windsor says Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott are both unpopular and that “I think each of them have kept the other one in the game.” The Courier Mail5/02/2013



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