Trust Us, We’re The Police, but would you trust Kim Williams?

Queensland Government Treasury Buildings, Quee...

Queensland Government Treasury Buildings, Queen Street, Brisbane, ca.1907 (Photo credit: State Library of Queensland, Australia)

This letter went to another blogsite earlier today.

Kim Williams with a visage so dread that Gabrielle would question the creator’s grand plan presents as Murdoch’s contemptuous doppelgänger, saying in effect, “Yep, that’s me writ large, now what are you going to do about it”?

Led here via twitter comment and Dirty Deals And Unprincipled Politics, the intention was to wonder loudly if Abbott’s cynical hijack of the construction worker symbol, the hard-hat, won converts to his dubious cause.

The alias, This little black duck,caught my eye when two words of the title stuck out like bull’s balls. Black Duck was uttered by a Qld police Senior-Sargeant at my residence, after I innocently declared that 14 years after a spouse’s death, the sting had abated, that living an uncomplicated life alone was a delight. A Google search indicated the term is police jargon meaning a dangerous solitary type most likely pouring over the net for better bomb-making recipes or a chronic pocket-billiard player.

Supposedly acting on the complaint of one half of a duo who I opined on a blog-site as a stasi-like harpie who would goad and harass a perceived foe into physical retaliation to bring about a police complaint and so set up the innocent party as being a danger to society. Queried why would I suddenly become anti-social having lived without the compulsion to steal, strike people or to drive without consideration, the wise policeman answered,”With your type its all about luck.”

Jees, sixty years of luck yet I lack the genius or the ability to put into effect what’s on my mind.

“I believe you’re not in control of yourself and I want you to make an appointment with your doctor,” was his next profound statement,”and *we’ll go along for a mental evaluation test.” Expecting compliance, he was agog when I rejected his care and concern as I understand departmentally threatened oldies quickly wilt and throw in the towel when spooked by the law or when spoken down to by those repellent State-backed matrons waving the nanny banner.

“I’m going through your stuff tonight,” he announced on his exit,” and if I find anything, I’ll be back,” Well The Terminator and friends made 76 hits that night in October, 2011, on anti-Bligh Government comments and I patiently await his return. In the course of his conversation he expressed displeasure at my nazi terminology and insisted I quit describing the fifth column as such.

To my shame I’ve kept a low profile since and have moved well away from the antagonists to retrieve a peaceful life,but I’ve worked a way around the system. Since well before the day an ‘officer’ called and ever since, have keep a running paper diary and never fail to update the days events. An easy and quick to activate voice recorder which I reviewed and put on an earlier post is with me at all times. A crash camera is in the post.

*The Royal, cosy and matey, “we” was actually used, placates a disturbed mind you know.

Gabrielle Ray

Gabrielle Ray (Photo credit: Truus, Bob & Jan too!)



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