Former Two-bit Sydney Councillor, Mike Ahern… “Julia Gillard is a misanderous bitch/animal.”

A youthful Bob Ellis avowed decades ago that, the stupidity of your enemies should be widely known, which is why I’ve reproduced a few tweets by a malicious and toxic former Kogarah Councilor, Mike Ahern. The extracted tweets were badly sited in the old post and  by adding one of his gems from this morning and giving the story an apt heading, his libelous ravings might win Canberra Liberal Party approval. Herewith please find inane comments by the former Councillor.

Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gil...

English: Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard at a Q & A Session in Rooty Hill, New South Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The tweets are hollow and empty-headed, hateful and unintelligent, yet are about the average for a political party who consider themselves custodians of the Treasury and the rightful rulers of the country. Make of them what you may.

The first of Ahern’s twitter comment plays on the emotions of residents who were flooded or burnt out of their homes. After the heartbreak, most of these people will recover materially because of the fortune of their birthright. The souls he condemns are abandoned to their own desperate clinging to the sea’s flotsam.

And I ask would you vote for the mental runt who pens such Conservative thinking as the Twitter trash hereunder?

Mike Ahern@Mikeah44

@juliagillard people of Gayndah more important than asylum seekers. You spend $Bs on them what are you going to do about this situation?

Mike Ahern@Mikeah44 

If @Juliagillard is so bloody wonderful why do I wake up angry every day? Get rid of the misanderous bitch. Have an election !

Mike Ahern@Mikeah44

This is the sort of arrogant bitch that @juliagillard is ! Why would you vote for this animal ?

://″>‏Mikeah44Mike Ahern

Notice @juliagillard is always surrounded by girls in her photo’s she mustn’t like boys. Lots of old boys don’t like her either.

Mike Ahern@Mikeah44

Does this mean I can’t slam @juliagillard anymore on twitter ?…

Mike Ahern@Mikeah44

Go back on holidays please @juliagillard the past month has been wonderful without you

Mike Ahern@Mikeah44

@JuliaGillard GIVITH & @JuliaGillard WILL TAKETH if Labor parliamentarians don’t tow her line. Get rid of her boys before she gets rid of Ye

Mr Denmore ‏@MrDenmore 9


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