Do-gooders, $3,000 + After Rent…let them eat cake in the dark.

Take a look at first electricity bill after introduction of the big bad bogie tax: here
Found Home Power Generation- a Primer while clicking through StumbleUpon. A quick look suggests it might be a gentle introduction to solar power in inexpensive kit form.

Murdoch broadsheet, The Australian, not noted for giving an owl’s hoot for the dispossessed of Australian society unless it is politically expedient to do so, found a faux cause hoping to embarrass, or most likely, just niggle the Government a little. In a preamble to Murdoch’s visit, a crocodile-teared hyperbole fairy-story vilified all pensioners for being unable to pay power bills on time when in fact, their failure rate is probably no greater than that of the general community.

In Beaudesert, the RSL has buses and cars manned by calculating committee ‘volunteers’ picking-up mainly susceptible welfare recipients and whatever oldie can be conned on pension days to the machines, and will continue with their generosity until the mugs have been cleaned-out. The RSL once had a purpose and a reverent aura won from me more respect then I have for the Queen, but their raison d’être  nowadays is to keep a few no-hopers in bludger’s jobs.

This bank statement shows highlighted direct pension fortnightly deposits. I’ve made it public in the forlorn hope a Labor thinker (oxymoron) might be mysteriously impelled to do simple sums. 

Bureaucratic and private Nanny Do-gooders hate and avoid this information. It conflicts with their pious and poxed interfering superiority.

A financial quarter: 13 weeks = six pay periods. 6 X $613 = $3678

Rent is direct debited, yet not on statement.

Deduct ADSL $309, leaves $3370 per quarter for food and power. I and many other olds run and maintain a late model car.

I do have difficulty in understanding how dim thinking hot-heads “shout” tweet abuse and condemn me for asking where all that cash goes.

Hope the numbers didn’t overwhelm and confuse the Labor fraternity. The usual tirade of abuse is anticipated.

Electricity   No  2 001



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