Brisbane Telegraph On-going Darwin Dingo Trial. September 22, 1982 & old adverts.

Dingo Trial; Burt/Glenn Milne (Wednesday, Sept 22, 1982)

The flip side of the page covering Lindy Chamberlain’s plight is just as interesting. Witness the Government persecution of the parents of a handicapped son over a couple of bob. This harassment happens today. Only three years ago, an elderly friend, now dead, was hounded by Queensland’s Housing Department for forgetting to declare her first husband’s 1944 war pension which was about two dollars in today’s money. The sum involved was so petty that is would have added about 10 cents to her rent.

Reverse page of Dingo Story.

Butcher adverts are interesting in that hogget, once the choice of the budget buyer is no longer on the market after a sheep glut caused extreme culling which virtually wiped out the ovine market creating the present high prices with lamb being priced out of the average family shopping list. On the other hand, a full old cow rump can be seen today for around $6 a kilo compares favourably with the $3.39 of thirty years ago.

Butcher shop adverts. 1982

More meat ads



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