To My English Friend Gingerzilla in Defence of Generous Australian Age Pensions.

Fall guy

Fall guy (Photo credit: Dizzy-one)

Forgive me for not having the decades of life needed to justify a deep and meaningful reply to your insightful but esoteric, too intellectual for me, blog. Will try though.

This country is swamped by confidence tricksters and all types of fraudsters at election time, much like the goings-on in your glorious country on these occasions. It is not hard to understand why oldies are a favored target, the assumption being that they have just emerged from tired, stretched wombs, overwhelmed and speechless at the wondrous world around them.

These opportunistic crims woo old wankers who have always mismanaged their money, don’t pay utilities bill and have their power cut. Unctuous do-gooders jump in, condemning everyone bar the ‘poor victim,’ who was/is the best guy you could know etc.

I was simply defending the present Government’s electric subsidy which far exceeds my quarterly $131 bill leaving me $3800 a quarter after rent for food, to run the car or to use as I fancy. That’s a wrap.



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