Browns Plains Discount Chemist. Only stereotyped oldes here, thank you.

I don’t have much faith in product reviews except perhaps when I’ve had a problem with an item and gone to that page to find if other purchasers are as dumb and luckless as the writer. The Google invitation to write a review became too hard to ignore and the letter under this intro is what I put together after a recent, age related incident by a female chemist.

“This chemist shop is part of the chain that recently advertised ‘reading glasses’ for sale at $21.95. While the identical product is available from most variety or $2 stores, I get my replacement specs from Carolyns, Jimboomba for $3.95. The word discount as part of the chain’s title is a misnomer at least, but of course, is meant to be taken in its accepted, deceptive sense. The product nevertheless, is effective, economical and easy to obtain and providing a corrective script is not necessary, the State is spared my optometry costs and I the inconvenience and the unnecessary feeding of a social parasite, the common optometrist.

Given my aversion to huge shopping centres, I’ve come to enjoy early morning drives to remote, rarely or never visited smaller centres, simply for the sake of change. These are usually the older, original shops that lost friends when the titans took over in the push for modernism. On Friday, December 13, about 70 Ks from home, found myself at Westpoint Shopping Centre, Browns Plains, where I did lotto and food shopping, looked about and spotted the decrepit facade of the above mentioned chemist shop. I presented my prepared note distinctly printed on 76 mm (three inches) sq memo pad which I am soon to commit to blog on

Pharmacist only products need the purchaser’s name and address, and being the possessor of both an irregular street and suburb names, have found a legible note alleviates the need for vocal repetition. The woman chemist appeared to be English and articulate but managed to turn Johns into Jonas. I needed another product that comes in 60 and 100 ml sizes and stated on the note I wanted the larger of the two. She then appeared with both sizes and asked what was my choice. Stupid and dumb! Asked what was vague about the note, said she was just making sure I knew what I had requested.

Here is my note. I have erased close-up info. Those lusting after me can be appeased by using the phone.

Browns Plains Chemist 2

Strains of the Beaudesert Woolworth deli woman when I asked for the skinned salmon. “Are you sure that’s what you want, it’s $2 a kilo more, you know”? That is dinkum and it happens frequently, and its the prior assumption of those twenty years or more our junior, that any action by oldies should be monitored because we must be operating in a vacuum. The chemist undergoes years of formidable examinations, the deli counter-jumper fewer yet both are quick to demean the oldie.”



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