Woolworths Beaudesert Speciality Shops Closing.

A recent survey of an undisclosed number of Yank tertiary students found 40% of them were unable to find their country on the world map. Am wondering how a similar test on an Australian group would rate with literary standards seeming to have little or no appeal, off the curricula it seems, and young persons comprehension powers having little or no official interest. A recent personal experience at bucolic Beaudesert’s Woolworth checkout deserves relating.

On Friday, January 3, I tended what I thought was $102 to pay a $82 bill, expecting, of course, $20 back. Instead, I was flabbergasted to receive a variety of notes and change amounting to $19.10. Turning to remonstrate a queue had grown so I moved on and checked the receipt outside.

If you care to check my receipt, you’ll find I had mistaken 10c for a dollar coin and had even asked if money was right. The checkout woman was not a child, but about 25 yo, so shouldn’t have feared intimidation by one 25 years or more her senior. Wondering if being an oldie would make me too spooky to point out my error. Am not into eating young people.


Woolworths receipt, Friday, 3 Jan, 2014



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