Lewis Carroll, an extraordinary introduction to 1947 print of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

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Lewis Carroll.

Images: “I can’t go back to yesterday…”

Some years ago I was asked to get rid of a box of old books for a friend. Naturally I flipped through them before leaving at a charity shop and while not expecting the Biblical Scrolls from that mess of well-worn kid’s dictionaries and wreckage I was, nevertheless, rewarded by an intact, well preserved 1947 reprint of the famous ‘girl’s’ novel. It was a borrowed book from an inner Brisbane Library when the lending rate was threepence, the duration 14 days and the annual subscription was one Shilling.

The introduction, written some 50 years after Alice’s debut by a Herbert Strang, obviously a Carroll devotee was sincere and genuine and would have done his descendants proud. However, in today’s climate of “off with her head,” mentality on the least pretext, he would have been hounded to his death. I offer the page for your appraisal.

Lewis Carroll, intro extract.



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