Who are I?.. “Pleeze journos, lern me to rite, I reely want yore recognition, no one loves me, am I homophoniac.”


Five communications with great parody artist:

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Forgive me if I’m wrong but I understand necessary, though mundane addenda has it’s place at the bottom of text, however what was once trivial and forgettable is suddenly vitally important. My folly was to treat a fellow Tweeter as having some level of grammatical know-how despite her capitalizing two common nouns in one Tweet.
It’s not unlike how the mildest double negative can throw closet illiterates into a tizz and make them hate you to Hades. My transparent naïvety I attribute to having decent parents. Never entered my head just how mischievous, malevolent even, most people are until far too late in life.
Robina’s puff piece has her as a retired healthcare worker and an aging-carer, (sic) so a lifetime spent nanny do-gooding has probably dulled the senses, happier re-tweeting the limited efforts of others.. Live with cripples, you learn to limp.
Her qualification for inclusion in the “Who are I.. pleeze journos ..” files, established to glorify the doltish endeavors of an ignorant, uneducated  dummy named Badrick. Follow Robina and yours truly brief Twitter exchange for her new found infamy.
So ends the tacked-on forward/preface.

Robina Creaser>sharpfang

British PM heckled, laughed at and mocked by Pensioners when he pleads for chance to tell the Media of his greatness!

The Brit site used to parody oldies mercilessly. Don’t know what he’s up to lately



Did you miss the parody point ? 🙂

NB. There are two links in this story’s heading.
Six or so months ago, mainstream journalism picked-up on a story about a female age pensioner who was unable to meet an electricity account and so had her power cut off. Such is the way with lazy “giggle journalism” that most weeping hearts blamed any entity, from the Federal Labor Government who had greatly enhanced pension entitlements, to the weather for her predicament. Few laid the blame where it rightly belonged, squarely in her lap. Such was the ruckus, Evita, it seemed the entire country cried for her

The issue was manna for the do-gooder know-alls who regard themselves better qualified than the participants and whose word is final and absolute. I would like to think my oldie status had me ideally placed to make an informed comment but when I did so, was rewarded by a serve of ill-manners from a Twitter dimwit, named Badrick.

Briefly, I expressed wonderment at the woman’s predicament and published numbers showing how after rent, I had about $4000 a quarter (six pay periods) to live on, with about $150 for electricity. Figures have been up-dated. A furore ensued with a tortured no-hoper who grasps at every chance to polish his delusional ‘great guy’ image leading the fray.

Would like to think I was coming from the Devil’s Advocate angle, but let’s face it, I believe the stupidity of dummies should be rammed home to them when they offend the senses of people able to think.

He began:


(To) TBadrick

… You are NLP/News.com easily manipulated putty. $2 day usage X 120=$240; net pen. after rent $3600. Been bludgers entire lives.
(From) TBadrick

(To) @lesjohnsles …What does your mumbo jumbo hav 2 do with the price of eggs? U mean every old person caught up in poverty rut were bludgers? BS!
(From) TBadrick

(To) @lesjohnsles … Just because UR a penny pinching hermit pauper doesn’t give u a right Les to sterotype pensioners re: power prices
(From)Les Johns ‏@LesJohnsLes

(To) ‏@TBadrick
… When you become an adult, cosy up to your DLP pals and insist they introduce legislation acknowledging your genius. Sweet dreams.
(From) ‏@TBadrick
(To)@lesjohnsles… Well at least i’m not a redneck u nasty old geezer, i know old people who worked hard their whole life who are really battling.


(To) lesjohnsles …Is that the best you can do Les? For the record i have no affiliation with DLP, i’m just fair & give them a hearing. UR a goose
Has no idea about addressing women.

(From) Badrick

…It’s such a shame that the Sydney & Melbourne socialite chicks as i call them proved to be too snappy & unpredictable to have on my twitter

(from) Badrick

…Happy birthday @laurawarwick, hope you have a really fab year babe.

This Tweeter has an unsettling effect on women (chicks to him)who he repels by the shed-load.

(From) @TBadrick

… I know of some lovely women of substance who cant have a baby and who have tried and failed with #IVF, but who wont accept fate and move on.

(From) @TBadrick

… @Poco_Pene is an abusive troll, @Twitter wont enforce own guidelines and permanently suspend him, just BLOCK okay.

(From) TBadrick
(To)…AmandaRobo?fref=ts … For any guy in Brisbane who knows how to handle a rattlesnake might can handle this chick LOL. You have been warned.

(From) TBadrick

While I can accept QLD motorists per say getting booked


(From) TBadrick

… thanks for RT, like you I am abhorred by the senseless logging

(From) TBadrick

… accountable for CSG desicration of #Pilliga forest.

… do you intend to create laws to protect this forest sanctuary from obliveration?

… What do you think of this article @joehockey? It eludes to u making a storm in a teacup…

… be done must be done @theqldpremier to ensure this water feature isn’t desicrated.

… Only people with no journalistic nous is going to try & decifer ‘s budget going

(From) Badrick

… Who the hell does @LesJohnsLes think he is? Lord Muck? His Most Holier Than Thou? I think FWIT Mc. Talk Through My Arse is a better name Les
(From) Badrick
(To) @lesjohnsles
… Go away Les you bitter, twisted old fool, i have never attacked you about anything, obviously you are jealous of me you twit.
(From) Badrick
(To) Anon …Hi GMOFreeJan, just wondering why you unfollowed me, I am very anti-#GMO and anti-#TPP, nonsensical to cut out people like me


@thebirdman1010 is an uneducated youthful blockhead trying to be adult by sending trojans to Tweeters who voice their opposition to @LiberalAust. He seems to work in tandem with @JCreightonBoonah who makes identical grammatical errors, and I suspect, is the same trojan source.


Mark Harrison ‏@boffincentral 28 Oct

… If you’re going to be a crook, where a suit…

@LesJohnsLes As i am a profound thinker Les that’s why i keep trying with you but it appears to be a waste of my time

roy harvey ‏@barnbrack
waiting with excitement to see your next masterpiece of word structure LES Bet your delving into the old OXFORD dictionary l

Comment from Yours Truly:

You’ve made ‘your’ a possessive adj. when meant 2B contracted to you’re (you are)Using apostrophe here ties in w/ phonetics.


The under Twitter comment comes from a chap who means well, and while hundreds of Twitter blockheads need public ridicule, I don’t intend to name this Tweeter.

… Wondering why Libs want debt sealing raised..

Sealing the debt is much like reigning it in, I suppose, but the sealant might give way. I would stick with ceiling.


Julian Creighton ‏@JCBOONAH

Sage advice “allways drink up stream from the heard

(From)Julian Creighton ‏@JCBOONAH
Just got home from Boonah State high! Where ( my son) won a great sports award! Itself accomdemic awards in 2 weels

Julian Creighton ‏@JCBOONAH

… Pups at Katherine N.T.any one won’t one?

He is offering a pup. I won’t take any.


Chris Reynolds ‏@thebirdman1010 1h
Have serious misgivings about the promotion prospects of the Corporal that …said…FIRE!!!…Co,s no way was it an expensive officer.

What is “Co,s” all about? What is the sentence all about? If it’s meant to be in the vernacular or cutesy for ” because” it doesn’t cut the mustard. Had I been so inspired, I’d have gone ”‘cos or ’cause.”
Ming the Merciless ‏@MGliksmanMDPhD 1h

Inquiry into #Manus Is http://www.smh.com.au/world/inquiry-into-manus-island-asylum-seekers-rights-20140316-hvjf6.html … via @smh The people who should be arrested are currently in Canberra. #auspol #refugees

Professional opportunists like @ChrisMurphys appear to be agents-provocateurs, con-merchants, creating problems and then offering unctuous sweet talk to beleaguered working-class people.



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