Kooralbyn Ugly; dreadful, dry and forgettable, but morning walks are a different story.


Morning Walk.
Lifting fog, morning walk, a spectre of sorts.

Bora Ring 2.
Judith Wright Bora Ring. There seems to be a well defined, foot-beaten circle visible in this pic.

When I came across this spot the overwhelming feeling was that of another people had left momentarily and would be back at any time to resume the ceremony. Bora Ring where post initiation ceremonies were celebrated. On prohibited ground, not by aboriginal lore but by its failed resort owners who now post guards obliging walkers to ‘enjoy’ roadside carbon-monoxide.

Fog over equestrian track.
Morning at equestrian track, Kooralbyn, a failed leisure resort meant to attract the up-market prosperous Japanese, 28 kilometres south-west of Beaudesert, Queensland.

Steward's box, Kooralbyn equestrian events.
Two views of equestrian stewards pillbox, copping it tough.

The back of neglected steward box.

Kooralbyn Tennis Club.
Once were Tennis Club rooms.

This relocatable/mobile stand fascinated me simply because it had been forlornly abandoned facing a metal truck that had been similarly left and forgotten. Grand dreams unfulfilled.

Wider shot, seating.
Wide shot of mobile seating.

Secluded, serene.

Quiet Spot, Kooralbyn. Newly flowered black-boy tree (Xanthorrhoea) impressed me.

The links just visible from old timber track.
From the long disused timber track where the elements have eroded a washout to the depth of two metres.

Bottle-brush and Wattle, from morning walk of course.

From the timber track.

Fireweed is prominent.
Fireweed has a deleterious effect on animals. Native animals instinctively avoid exotics.

Unperturbed locals.
Passers-by don’t create much interest.



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