Helping Woolworths Regain Profit Supremacy.

Guaranteed to get rid of ’em

Images of shop assistants at work.

Woolworths, Beaudesert.


The pictured fish fillet is second half of a recent purchase from Woolworths, Beaudesert. It's gone now, I ate it and suffered no after-effect. It's just that S.E. Asian and African fish are rumoured to be sourced from tainted, shitty creeks and that worries me. I've been stuck on farmed Tasmanian salmon for so long that despite its delicacy, a change was in order.

My bitch is that when I wanted change and took a punt on the imported stuff at something like $18, it wasn't until some days later when my shit-detector went off, the receipt showed I'd paid for Tasmanian salmon. The arch arse-holes Woolworths had done me for about $15.

Deli attendants all over the country have proved dozy bastards lately. One middle-age dear at this very same shop suggested I buy skin-on salmon because it is marginally cheaper than the skinned variety. Another time after waiting forlornly for a few minutes, I had to do cart-wheels to get their attention and break-up the gossiping trio and copped dark looks and short manners. So much for Woolworths, Beaudesert, but they in effect, are little different from their Coles sisters up the road.

There, I ascertained, a carton of NZ fillets contained five kilos, so reckoning five times $12 a kilo wasn't a mind-bending exercise the cost was immediately known. The woman extracted and weighed the contents, gave me a serious frown and declared in mock sympathy, " Gee, dear me, That comes to $60. Do you still want them"? Fuck-wits all.


Woolworths, Beau, 26/04/2014



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