Guess wot? Buchholz plays safe, parental leave good thing.


Beaudesert Times photo


Back when it was thought the Labor Party represented the worker, the roles were reversing, Howard’s spin people easily painted him as the The Worker’s Friend and Federal Labor in decline after Keating’s super cutesy Coward’s Castle putdowns. Along came grand egotist Beattie whose sacrosanct word led to his successor putting the kibosh on Queensland Labor. Bligh’s 600 plus publicity team couldn’t find the honey to shore-up the unstable sands of her elitist Cabinet.

A few years earlier, Tom Burns, Deputy Qld Premier from 1989 to 1996 was, like Anzac Day, a celebratory loser. The lovable tag came about because his estuary boating endeavours often saw him sand-banked and waving for assistance. The sympathetic press painted him an affable dickhead, but the truth was much more ominous, masked by a definite no-nonsense and ruthless stand-over method.

A promise to manipulate political foes in the Beaudesert area was vague, but once uttered, never forgotten threat of “you are always under watch.” The legacy of this desperate tactic never lost currency, and post Lingard, led to obese, self-centered objects like former Barnaby Joyce C of S becoming a very comfortable Member of the bucolic Federal seat of Wright. A sober reminder of the long lasting effects of rule by tyranny.


Beaudesert Times photo

On Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at about 1115 hrs, a Senior Constable visited the residence of a blogger who had been a heavy critic of the Bligh Government, then in its death throes. Two unpleasant tenants had been parachuted in to pry, to disrupt and to make life unpleasant. They acted in the manner of American eviction tenants as depicted in gangster movies, especially deployed to create so much disharmony as to drive out and dispossess a mark of his residence, and operated under the protection of the Qld Housing Commissions Gestapo Squad, Two minor players being Jaala And Hillhouse The Queen bitch’s identity will be dropped in when found.

The naming of these two goons brought the wrath of the police person’s threat of mental evaluation. “I’m going over your stuff tonight,” he swore as he left, “and if I find anything touchy, I’ll be back.” This particular blogger’s surprise at finding 78 extra hits overnight came not from the general reader but from the nice policeman, who incidentally, never made a return visit.

The blogger must make an effort to get his story to screen.



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