It’s The Law, Just Label Old Drivers Retarded, Make Them Prove Their Lucidity.

Below is the written (Queensland specific, I understand) test sprung on unsuspecting oldies when they unwittingly put their future and with it, their independence, in the slanted hands and minds of GPs when renewing driving licenses. The GP is more than adequately compensated by Medicare for conducting, what in reality, is a geriatric test and is done concurrently with the eyesight test, leading the applicant to believe the geriatric examination is compulsory as is the eyesight test. Tick boxes on the right have been cropped out and irrelevant or sensitive material omitted.

Garbage like this is conceived and given life by smart-arse career bureaucrats who are unable to imagine a time in the future when they become the dispossessed. There is wry humour knowing that survivalists have to come to grips with the widespread assumption that lifelong skills and knowledge don’t abandon their host overnight or on the whim of disdainful public servants.

I thoroughly enjoyed the recent doco on Australian comedienne and dare I say it, vaudevillian, but wondered the value of her Pensioner Ambassador Labor appointment. Noeline Brown has never driven a motor vehicle and would have no idea the travails and contempt her motor contemporaries endure on license renewal. Her position is a meaningless and useless honorary title, I hope.

Ditto the Buttrose woman who won prominence in the early Eighties by likening the STD aids to a lethal bowling game featuring hooded devils. She urges oldies to relinquish their driver’s licenses, not help retain them. That the 80’s advertising campaign supposedly won gay mugs into safe sex practices is a moot point, instilled gay-hate into small ‘straight’ minds most likely, but Buttrose lisped her way to local fame.

Today, she gets her jollies doing morning ‘talk’ on an unwatchable, bankrupt shopping network. The former journalist charmed employer publishers, Packer and Murdoch, but I doubt she scored from either of them such grand largesse as the senile Murdoch’s $M25 bribe to Rebekah Brooks.

Some pages have been dropped to avoid repetition. The last page has the applicant’s flu vaccination history as blank, the GP didn’t pose the question and assumed as much, behavior frowned on in most circles. The joint Pneumococcal/flu was administered a couple of years before and had given the victim a few rough days, so she declined more of the same and has yet to regret the decision.

The woman is a ‘walk freak’ and had been having lengthy morning walks of 4/5 kilometres and shortly before this assessment had stressed a knee and was idle. This attracted the irritating ‘limited exercise’ note. GPs are delighted when the dim make unnecessary, fortnightly visits and loathe the dogmatists who insist on absolutely necessary visits only. The conniving bastards would like to see us fortnightly. It’s very commercial.


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